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The answer (depends on the question)

Well, I hope you enjoyed your day at .500.


Seriously, that's what you call a premature bifurcation.


I heard there's therapy for that...


And by therapy, of course, I mean a Real Doll.


That's the answer...


Get a Real Doll, pretty her up with a scarf from John Henry, name her Sweet Caroline, and there you go... .500 ball for the remaindah.


I like it.


Our work here is done, people.



...and remember,for an erection lasting more than 4 hours call your bullpen ;O

I don't think the Real Doll will get any respect.

Is that what they mean by a half and half?

This certainly settles up that half-full vs. half-empty debate.

On another note, anyone going to Gillette for the NCAA lax final four?

At least the Real Doll shouldn't end up on the DL.

Strange experience at Camden Yards last night - not nearly as many Sox fans as usual. No Yanks Suck chants, only one sustained Let's Go Red Sox chant, (and that was killed by an inning ending strike out looking, not by O's fans.) 2 lousy hits. On the plus side Felix D. pitched outstanding I thought, Albers not so much.

I'm friends with a relative of Brian Matusz (his uncle) so I'm having a hard time getting too upset about his dominant performance against the Red Sox.

Either that or Natalie has the hammer down on the bus and we are blowing right by these losses.

COD: Toot too, hey, beep beep.

Bobby Valentine invented the Realdoll. True story.

And evidently BV invented the premature bifurcation as well.

Hey H.B.: If the Sox win tonight (I know, a huge if) they'll be at .500 and because there is an off day tomorrow, do we get a Friday strip? Or are you going to phone it in regardless?

Day baseball today :). Work is always so much better when there is baseball to listen to on the computer.

If they are at .500 as of Friday morning, i.e, win tonight, we are on for Friday.

Not that doesn't necessarily mean the strip will be any good, but it will be there. Hah.

Make that "win today" as rm points out-- day game.

The doll had better be named Linda, otherwise some serious coin has to change hands.

We need to hire Lance Armstrong as a team consultant. That man knows a lot about living with 0.500 ball.

I saw on Twitter someone refer to this Sox season as the (.500) Days of Summer. Clever.

Friday strip: yippee.

Sucks to be you, HB. If you were riding the bus you could have started the weekend early!

Never . Love, Tim

Even without the Friday strips or swapping Thursday for Friday strips there's still LC to look for...

Yes, he's surly but locatable.

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