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Taking care of business

Your omniscient author in absentia:
Sorry to have to do this, but I've got a huge release/ship date occurring at the day job tomorrow morning early and today is already awash with assorted last minute bolt tightening.

I thought I could do a strip today, but my mind just won't focus on the Red Sox despite Lester's excellent outing last night.

Tomorrow is probably a no-go as well. See you back here as soon as I can.



damn, you need someone who can come in relief. Unlike Jon Lester ;-)

or a manager who can make sure everyone gets the right amount of work to do their job effectively, without getting swamped. Unlike Bobby Valentine :-D

Your fired.

Uh, just got an F on my grammar/spelling.. You're fired. So there.


Hmmm, as far as I can tell, HB's secret occupation is that of a nut and bolt exporter.

Perhaps here?


All this winning is jeopardizing my dream of having BV gone by Memorial Day. Good thing the golfer is pitching tonight.

Is Beckett going to let Lester make him look like a punk?

Are the Sox trying to get to 0.500 by Friday just to spite h.b.?

Same bat time, same bat channel....

soxinsix, TOTALLY! It's like how Annie Savoy felt in Bull Durham when the Bulls started winning but she wasn't getting laid- all "jumbled up and crosswired." :)

@Kaz, they'd have to win all the games which would be a 7g Win streak sure it's just one win after another but...

Anyone getting off the bus? I'm staying in my seat, but I am sure the driver will pull over to the curb.

spot the other teams a few games, it makes it more interesting. Far far too early to be tossing the towel in on this one. Although I find BV somehow sinister. I always felt like that when he was at the Mets.

Is the bus (or anyone on the bus) going to the games in Miami? I'll probably go to the Tuesday or Wednesday night game (I'll also be at Marlin's park that Sunday beforehand for the Rays game, it is the "Bark in the Park" game, take your dog to the ball game). Yup, big crowds (not) in the new spaceship ball park.

Well Happy Birthday to Josh Beckett!! Good to see you back.

Well well well well well.

If Natalie is driving the bus it won't be stopping, or even deviating from 55 mph. We are on this ride all the way to the end.

Meh-it's one game.

Release just deployed. Nobody died. Though some mistakes were made.

Not it's time for beer and chicken.

I slow down enough for hop ons - "You're gonna get some hop ons" - but we're still rolling, and my resolve has not wavered, although - as soxinsix said - my hope that BV will be gone by midseason diminishes with each win.

BTW, non baseball-related comment: Sherlock on PBS (BBC show) is some of the most awesome TV I have ever seen. Hilarious, compelling, well-acted and suspenseful. Big endorsement for anyone looking for summer entertainment (1st series is on Netflix streaming- 3 1.5 hr episodes; Series 2 is headed to the finale on PBS on Sunday, I believe).

Nat, I too want BV gone (like as of yesterday), but I can't give up the chance to watch Dustin Pedroia play live. He is such a scrappy ballplayer and a defensive wizard. And maybe he will hit some doubles for me. Not all chicks dig the long ball.

Just thought if any other Soxaholix were going to be in the neighborhood we could meet up at the park. Note, very crappy beer selection at marlin's park (bud, coors and corona).

I confess to falling asleep soundly trying to watch the 2.01 of Sherlock... I will try again... my biggest complaint is that visually it seemed really washed out and not at all HD quality... that made my eyes bored.

who would you rather have if not the lycanthropic BV

Sherlock is awesome. The Hound of the Baskervilles ep was fantastic.

oh, and go Sox. I still believe, but I've been known to make errors in judgement before.

Yes! Planning on watching Sherlock this summah. Instead of Red Sox baseball.

Please, Cleveland and Seattle aren't the MFY or Rangers or Rays even. Let's not get carried away. The bus is moving steady. Spark one up!

Ditto to soxinsix. We just beat up the wimpy kids. Better than losing to them fo sho. But show me some wins against teams on the hi side of 500. And fuck Beckett. I will take his wins, but he has a long way to go to get back to likeable.

I don't think Beckett will ever be likeable. But then again, I don't give a shit in general about any professional athlete's ability to be likeable so long as he performs on the field and doesn't bring down the rest of the team with any pissy/crazy/petulant behavior. Motto needed by most people, pro ball players and otherwise: shut your mouth and do your job.

Natalie, I have been shouting that same exact mantra for as long as I can remember.
I don't care about politics, hissy fits, chicken, beer or if they give each other wine enemas on off days. You're getting paid an asinine amount of money to work 8 months out of the year.

As my grandmother would say, get the fuck over yourself and do your job.

Thats good grandmother stuff there. Agreed that they dont need to be likeable, but hopefully not go all the way to objectionable. The llittle boy in me wants my sports team to be likeable. I can live without it if they perform and at least make the laundry likeable (Shilling comes to mind here for me).

Eh, I am also being disingenuous, as I really loved the '04 team with their Cowboy Up, silly handshakes, ductaping Petey to the dugout pole shenanigans, etc. Now that team was likeability at its best.

Jeff, my Gram's not the least bit sweary, but every so often she comes out with absolute gems like that and you can't help but take notice.

Also find myself agreeing with you again Natalie. I would like to like everyone, but that's not always going to happen. But I don't want to scowl when I see a player take the field because (at least to me)they are an insufferable twat..*coughjddrewcough*


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