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Rider on Green Line:
It's that time again when your humble author performs his civic duty by shuffling his ass down to the municipal court for jury duty...


Rider on Green Line:
Apologies for no advance warning, as I forgot myself until my phone reminded me last night.


Rider on Green Line:
Meanwhile, don't look now but since the 4-10 start to the season, the Sox have won 21 of 35 (.600) and rather sublimely have won 13 out of the last 18.


Rider on Green Line:
I'll be back tomorrow unless I'm selected etc.



Civic duty and what not, wot wot. Thinking if I ever get called for jury duty here I'll never get selected because I can't help but laugh at the ridiculous wigs the barristers still wear here. I'm faintly curious if they wear them to bed...

Also, great strip yesterday, sorry I missed it. Sissypiss...classic.

RIP Doc Watson. He was a gem. If you were never turned on to him, go find a recording and give him a listen.

Typical banter from him at one of his shows... "hey there boys and girls in the front rows here! You having fun? I hear lotsa singin and carryin on from ya. I remember my first beer too. Could ya hold it down a little so the resta the folks can hear too? Thanks, we love ya."

The secret to jury duty. Wear a Sox hoodie, a Sox hat and the all important blank expression.
Then, there's the Belichick approach, answer all questions with brevity and barely hidden contempt for everyone.

During the selection process just say "Guilty,hang him" You'll be home in a jiffy ;O

Pseudo - we don't wear 'em to bed (other than by special request).

HB - try the Tina Fey approach: I don't think it's fair for me to be on a jury because I'm a holograph (worked in Chicago but not in NYC; untested in Boston)



Oops wrong one

If it's juicy murder trial, go for the literary gold. Get on the jury, write a book.

If it's B&E, assault, etc., use any of the techniques above.

Today's fun trial trivia: Rusty Burrell, the bailiff on "People's Court" when Wapner was the judge, was the bailiff at the Manson Family trial.

"Doug Llewelyn here...the defendant is leaving the court room, let's try and get a word. Mr. Manson, do you think your case was fairly decided by Judge Wapner? Now Mr. Manson, I'll have to ask you to put down that sword and stop cutting my ears off with it."

The phrase "jury nullification" is your get out service free card.

Just fall asleep, you'll be out in no time. Just ask the Clemens jurors.

It's called a jury of your peers. 'Your' being the 'innocent' defendant. Once the defendant's attorney figures out your education level, you will be done for the day.

@GrnLnTrllyDvr: Bcareful, HB in 1st seat. I'm rt behind ya! Whatcha doin' l8tr? Sht, r we even on right tra

I was released as soon as I arrived... didn't even make it to the metal detector, just had to initial the attendance sheet and back out the door.

All the cases today were settled and dismissed, evidently.

If only there was some technology that could have been used to notify you that you would not be needed. Maybe some sort of technological marvel that allows a court officer to throw his voice across vast distances.

You are a lucky one h.b. I made the mistake of being honest after watching several dozen people lie their way out of jury duty. My reward was a 10-day trial right around the holidays last year. Not good times. I must day I like this group of AAAA Red Sox they are wheeling out there this season.

Jury duty is like Alberto Aceves, "'Y never know what y'all gon' git."

OOPs! Alfredo Aceves and my memory are at equal levels of performance.

haha I was going to make a Brandon Arroyo joke.

I'm pretty sure this was linked here recently...but in case it wasn't:

Boston Jury Duty video

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