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I'm basically speechless this morning.


You are without words?


I am devoid of derivation.


The signifier is signless?


Of this I am sure, Saussure.


Who knew the second-order sign, the connotation, of ".520" would be so profound as to create a new signified resulting in silence?




Papi knows all.


And nothing.





still on jury service then...
(not so big these days) Papi is becoming the pack horse of the team. Let's hope no one has a straw hidden in a packed up kitbag, and keeps smiling. Metaphor soup anyone.

All this winning stuff sets my little heart all a-flutter. Don't know what to do with myself.

Happy to see the Sox win. The metaphorical bus ride non withstanding.

Terrible to see Rondo's effort go for naught last night. They couldn't score enough in the 4th quarter to close it out. How bout a little help for the kid? If the Sox or Pats played with Rondo's intensity we would have several more championships to brag about as fans.

Hey, you guys in the back seat, turn down that f**king boom box for a second; this bus is spewing exhaust and I think I heard the engine knocking. And shove the chronic through that hole in the floor--there's a cop tailing us.

Fuck a couple of wins, my foot's still on the gas. The only way this bus is stopping is if it mows down Bobby Valentine.

Best Last Place Team In Beisbol (R).




sure take your foot of the gas then. Shift into reverse, foot back on the gas and make sure...

Pull that bus into a southwest service station and fill up on tacos, because that's the only gas you'll need here on out.

Meh. June swoon looms.

For the nonce, present mirth hath present laughter.

Gotta like what the Sox did to Verlander in this series. They're 2nd in runs scored in the AL, and they're doing this with what could be two full starting outfields for MLB teams on the DL right now. Ance Buccholz and Lester learn how to pitch into the 7th giving up less than 6 runs, regularly, this team will be scary.

Universal bus rule - dont bring more than you can swallow before the cop gets to the door. And if your eyes are bigger than your stomach, well, enjoy the ride see ya on the other side.

Go sox, go bus, go papi, etc.

Gotta keep this thing over 50, otherwise it's going to blow up. From a bad movie, with Sandra Bullock when she was cute. Fits the Sox right now. We know who Bobby V. is, can he overcome that urge to be the Keanu Reeves in this soapy mess?

Do a few donuts with that bus!Here come the Red Sox and Bobby V is but a cog in the winning machine. It's about Sweeney, Aviles, Aceves & Middlebrooks et all.

Neo rocks ;)

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