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Knowing how to do things

I feel like that chick Marnie on HBO's Girls with the Red Sox playing the role of my beta boyfriend who is so pathetic that when we have so-called sex I can't even look at him.


So playing out the metaphor, then, who's in the role of the dude telling you "The first time I fuck you, I might scare you a little. Because I'm a man. And I know how to do things."


I dunno, how about Josh Hamilton?


If I'm a Rangers fan chick aftah watching that unadulterated display of man powah, I'm definitely gonna have to make an offering to Onan ASAP.



18 total bases for Hamilton. AL record. That's like having sex with four women and Jamie Lee Curtis.

Better to jerk off than get jerked around.

Coitus interruptus. The guy at the tattoo parlor said it meant "strength and wisdom". What a jerk.

Depending on who you find yourself with at just-that-moment, it very well could be.

Went to redsox cafe, thought i might get a tossed salad. All they had was dry humped rump. Turns out Travolta is the new personal trainer.

5 Start game

10 Bard the Starter goes into late innings having pitched reasonably well, giving up 4 runs or less.

15 Manager then faces decision at pitch 94, 95 or 96 to forget that Bard is new to role and instead leaves him in for the #epic fail

20 #epic fail

25 some bozo comes out of bullpen to throw gas on fire.

30 Go to 5

What's the 'kill' command to get out of that infinite loop?


Soxinsix: cosigned.

"Onan spelled backwards is nano"-Mork

Carl Beane died in a car crash today.

Yep. Fenway will never sound the same.

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