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I'll shew you some meekness...

Poor Red Sox... they'd be in first place if they just didn't keep running up against these pitchers who just happen to pick the Sox as the team to have "solid" outing against.


I mean, jeez...


Fenway is a green pasture, and the Red Sox are fluffy lambs.


They say the meek shall inherit the earth...


But what do undah .500 teams inherit?


I don't think this is formally written down anywhere, but I heard it's a Popeye's Chicken franchise in Shreveport, Louisiana.




Yeah, Bobby V is gonna manage the hell out of that place.



"Youkilis! If you've got time to lean, you've got time to clean."

"Bobby you left the fries in too long and burned them again!"

rolo, is the Denial Cruiser already sputtering? Don't get lost at sea, bail! We've saved you a seat on the bus. PaPesky is sure to slow down so you can come aboard...

Kaz, have to say, now I am not so sad I missed the game with you guys last night, although the food at Galleria 33 in the North End was just mediocre IMHO.

I'll show you my meekness if you show me yours.


h.b., your strip instantly reminded me of this classic: http://cdn.svcs.c2.uclick.com/c2/3eb897ae250c102d94d7001438c0f03b


Natalie, La Galleria 33 hasn't been good for some time now. I don't know exactly what happened, because it used to be excellent.

It's gone so far downhill, that Gordon Ramsey is going to be doing a Kitchen Nightmares episode there. Really.

Bob, wow! I wish we'd known that last week when we booked the reservation to entertain our clients. I hope they don't see the Gordon Ramsey show or we're in trouble!

Naw, they'll be excited.

"WE ate at that hell hole!"

Well, I'm 0-3 this season so far. Last year, I was something like 3-7. At least this year it hasn't rained on me as much as last year.

I'm sure I can get you to a loss before the end of the year, Natalie.

Fluffy Lambs? I know what Mel Gibson would say-"Who the F***k wants to eat!!"

Just not at La Galleria 33 ;O

Um...not my bus and no insult meant to PaPesky, but I think there's a choice here: a) we can move sedately along and put Janis Ian on the system and spend our time listening to "Tea and Sympathy" (a lovely song to be sure). Or we can find a lunatic driver who eats way too many drugs, drives too fast while carrying on a manic monologue and flipping a 6 lb single jack; we can put The G Dead or maybe the Holy Modal Rounders on the sound system and have a rollicking swell time. I know just such a one as that. 'Course it's not my call; just (like on that can of Spam) a suggestion.

It's going to be a very long bus ride. I suggest bringing a good book along.

That "Best of Soxaholix" compilation hb has been mulling over would be a great addition to the bus supplies, along with the weed and other treats. You any closer with that, hb?

We'll need a Somoan lawyer on the bus, too. With a suitcase full of bribe money.

So many doubles, so little scoring. Reminds me of Earl Webb (1931 Sox, the man who turned triples into doubles).

His numbahs can be found heeya,

too much shitty sports writers out there. they are all pussies. the sox playing now arent the same without their closer and the 2012 CO-MVP outfielders that will be coming back this summer. pedrioa wil make sure it gets done. hopefully this bobby v guy grows on me too. his ego, i mean nesn day time tv show really sucks

Ur the mad in Jamaica...no insult.As a grad of '69- I"ve seen how the weed grows and I can do a turn-a-round.It IS a long ride this year. There won't be any Janis or "Tea." Think of me as McNulty's Dad on "The Wire." Taught the boy how to drink, still like the music and yet, I will slow down for pick-ups (cause Nat says so)...Dropkick Murphys for nostalgia and let's go from there. 2 0f 3 to the A's? We are fucked.

Wednesday was a little choppy, sure, but nothing that will slow down the Denial Cruiser! At least yesterday was "smooth sailing" with "no change in course".

Besides, thought everyone knew that games in spring don't matter. Right?

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