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Everyone's an ace these days

Well, this has gone past the point of watching a train wreck...


Yeah, a train wreck is done once it's done whereas this has much more of the post-apocalyptic goes on and on and you'll most likely meet a tragic death by disease or roving band of cannibals long before things get bettah kinda feel to it.


I love this line from Abraham: "Remember that energetic Bobby Valentine from spring training? He has been replaced by a man who looks 10 years older."


Oh, that's nothing... poor Tom Brady wants to welcome his new Red Sox bro in law into the family so decides to watch a Red Sox game and look what it fucking did to him.


To put things into propah prespective—Bruce Chen, Bruce friggin Chen just held the Red Sox to 3 hits.


Yeah, bravo for Chen, but how is his golf game? Huh?




It's just so depressing. In fact, it's so depressing that it borders on humorous. Kind of like how Austria borders on Liechtenstein.

It's a marathon not a sprint, etc.

TB's just going for the Conehead look ;D

Top of the 9th, runners on 2nd and 3rd and down by one run. It's 11 PM. Do I finish the game online, or shutdown to join my son to watch The Daily Show.

I chose Jon Stewart.

And that tells you everything you need to know about where I am with this team.

Let's hope like LB and Mike Adams he gets his mojo back ;O

On the bright side...the Rangers can't seem to put the Capitals to bed either...so I guess we've got that going for us.

Beckett was playing in the KFC Pro-Am.

Was there chicken and beer at the turn?

Saw a t shirt the other day...

"Bahsten sux cack"

I laughed because I had no argument.

Was watching on Gameday and I'm going to assume the fly ball in the 9th that McDonald didn't tag on wasn't at the warning track like they marked it.
At least I got the delicious schadenfreud of watching Robertson blow the save (which he almost did the night before as well). Yankee fans, welcome tot he uncertainty the rest of us have had to live with for the past 17 years. Gonna be a long one for them if they stick with him. Fastball is as straight as an arrow.

I am sincerely enjoying this suckitude. So, we keep this up, Valentine is gone by the All Star Break, right? Right? (please god be right)

Cannot watch games anymore. Don't even check scores until next morning. Ashamed (maybe) to admit that I have smiled these last 2 days upon seeing the continued wreckage. Oh and Tommy B? no mystery here; he has joined the lollipop guild.

Here is the question Natalie. Do you really think the team would be doing better under a different manager?

Natalie - I'm still holding out hope for Memorial Day.

Probably not much, COD, but I still think BV is a terrible manager and a poor fit for the Sox, and he can't manage a bullpen for shit... He gots to go.

Prediction updates. Cmdrflake - at 81 wins - needs team to go 69-63 over remainder of season to capture the honors. Seems a bit of a stretch.

I'm not BV fan, but I don't Mohammed and Jesus together could manage a bullpen that is devoid of talent.

Wine into water, raising the dead, black-eyed virgins sure... but this fucking mess? Nope.

Pitching, boys and girls, pitching. We aint got it. I blame Tek. He left and now no one knows what to pitch or when. So I also blame BV and BC. Roster is weak, and prep and coaching are not evident. Hitters doing reasonably well. Infield defense reasonably good, outfield defense kind of embarassing at times. Conditioning of players pathetic, or they are just pussies. Or, perhaps, they just dont give a shit anymore and this is just a paying job now (for that, I would blame Bv).

Losing is a disease, as contagious as syphilis..

A fish rots from the head. There have been injuries for sure, but I thought from day 1 that BV was the wrong type of manager for this veteran-heavy team and nothing I've seen yet has changed that opinion. Glad I got an early, comfy seat on the bus.

This team started to go bad long before Bobby V... oh his hiring is definitely a part of it but this goes back probably to the power-play that occurred between Lucchino and Epstein after the 2005 season. It started to rot right there. Yeah, we got one in 2007 but the descent to crash and burn had already begun.


Go C's.

Thought TB was going for a Something About Mary look.

Yazbread, they will easily fall a hundred times. Winning 62 will not be easy. Their .400 winning percentage works out to their winning 64 games, which will be difficult at best. Well, In Mudville, we watch the Bills and Sabres dump salaries like their players are the trash we know they are. The Sox have a tough standard to live down to.
"We're just the guys to do it"- Bluto

Would some of you mind popping over to Fenway Park at around 7-10pm tonight and booing the livng shit out of Josh Beckett?

Gratefully yours etc

Okay, should I try out for the PA announcing job? Even if I got it, this might be a bad year to have my voice associated with the team. I'd go to a party, say something, and get food thrown at me.

"F-ing Beckett!"

"I'm not Beckett."

"Yeah, but you announce his f-ing name."

Also, how much does that gig pay? Couldn't be very much, right?

RIP Carl Beane

No announcer tonight. They will go silent. Now, if Neil Diamond... well anyway.


I hope Beckett has a very good golf game. May be he can quit his day job as a red sox "pitcher" and join the PGA tour. Beckett can fill the void left by John Daly.

so far so good...if we're all on Nat's bus to disasterville.

OK so I peeked.
Beck sucks. Sox sucks.
Derick (it's my own fault, darn it!)and Bronson (along came).......who decided these guys were expendable? I'm really trying, but where do we go to learn to enjoy train wrex?
Oh yeah, and Neil Diamond sucks about as bad as anything or anyone ever has. Jeeze!

7 runs in 2 1/3 innings?? Can anyone say gone by Memorial Day?

But Beckett gets an early tee time tomorrow.

Ug. How can I be happy about a postponed game??

We need more gorilla suits.

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