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Different day, same spot

Well, that was a fun while it lasted.


Funny how winning streaks can suddenly come crashing to an abrubt end when going up against the othah teams in the AL East.


But I do think it's clear from what we've seen the past few games that this is *not* a last place team...


No, this is quite a clearly a team built for next to last place.


Well, here's what I've always wondered: If "mediocre" is such a bad thing to be, then why did they give it such a cool sounding word?


You know it literally means "halfway up the stony mountain"?


Ah, wonderful, a variation on the old "glass half full" classic.


Are they halfway up the mountain or halfway down the mountain?


And does any of this involve a giant bouldah?



Wow, interesting etymology I didn't know. I am impressed, hb. Very impressed.

No new strip tomorrow

They're Sisyphusicious...?

More like they're sissy fussy-ian.

Perhaps instead of concentrating so much on the slashing and the bunting they could have gone over the balking?

In case anyone is wondering the single game, single pitchr record is 5 balks. We have a ways to go yet to compete for that trophy.

I know I guy who slept with Fairuza Balk. But just once, so the record isn't in danger.

and the bouldah's name is Ditka

How about those Celtics? Shades of 2008 last night.

Is the bus half-full or half-empty?

Because I missed Tuesday and Weds, you're getting a strip tomorrow despite the sub .500 record.

Caveat: It's already written so it's not a "what happened in the last game" strip but more of a metaphysical "meaning of life as Sox fan in 2012" kind of strip.

Note as well that the strip may not go live until a bit later than usual depending on how my morning goes.

I am really enjoying being a Bizarro Sox Fan- waking up and actually taking pleasure in seeing another mark in the L column. I feel as though - in the soap opera of my life as a Sox fan - I have all of a sudden discovered I have an evil twin. Can't wait to see what she does next.

I'm pretty sure Bill Clinton set the modern American record for nailing Balkans during his visit last year...

I'm with you, Natalie.

I fucking hate losing to Tampa. No matter how much this team sticks. I can't stand losing to Madden and that bunch of all star pitchers they roll out every season. Why can't the Sox buy that kind of talent?

Easy. Doesn't cost enough.

Off to Melbourne to watch the 'Pies. Grand final rematch with Geelong. Didn't go so well last time. Lsat night I dreamt I was in the bleachers at Fenway with mrs sdu, the almost 9 year old sox fan (sigh) when suddenly I realised we were sitting next to Bob and Abby. Yes that Bob. Our Bob.

There has to be a story in there somewhere,Peter

So...if I have this right- we'll have a bit of Friday morning existentialism, Natalie has an evil (and presumably hot and slightly slutty?) twin, and sdu is dreaming about Bob.

Wow, this creepy porno is writing itself!
Soundtrack suggestions?

I'm hoping everyone was clothed in that dream?

I cannot breathe.

I've been with both SDU and Natalie at Fenway. "Been with" meaning something completely different that what you creepy people think. Well, except with SDU. But that was just experimentation. You know, like at camp.

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