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Brighter than it has been

Well what have we here... Round 1 of interleague has the Sox taking 2 of 3 from the Phillies on the road and they've got Ws in 8 of their last 10.


In the words of David Ortiz, "It’s incredible that people base things on one thing. People put too much emphasis on what happens in April."


What's Papi talking about, everyone's been supportive since the beginning... averts eyes, looks away sheepishly.


I dunno, something *is* different... maybe it was the closed door meeting... maybe somebody did a voodoo chicken...


But the Red Sox in Philly played like a bunch of guys who took genuine joy in the game, and that couldn't have been more the opposite of what we had been seeing.


At the moment there are definitely some bright spots including an excess of hitting and pitching, guys making the most of opportunities to sub in for guys on the DL, and, of course, the David Ortiz show.


Yeah, but before we get all John Travolta during a massage, let's settle down and see how the next series against Baltimore goes, mmm-kay?



Ugh, just what I needed from this weekend: a glimmer of hope that merely adds guilt to my apathy. The bus hasn't slowed, but I am quietly weeping as I drive.

PS- hilarious final frame, I laughed out loud. Although in re: this JT thing. All everyone is really talking about is how this will prove he is *gasp* gay, and not the fact that if all this is true, dude's a sexual predator.

But don't we want a happy ending?

He's not a sexual predator. Its just his hands and bunghole that are on the prowl.

Dont slow the bus, but we do need a tv and roof mounted satellite dish so we can keep up with the good times - no sense in forced austerity on this busride.

Two accusers drop out and two new ones take their place. So the JT case is Stayin' Alive. Unlike Robin Gibb...what, too soon?

I'd say it all comes down to better pitching, but other than Beckett and an occasional decent start here and there, the pitching has still been pretty weak. It's the hitting, stupid.

coffee, spew, monitor.... you get the idea. nicely played

Bullpen has been the best in baseball in May.

soxinsix wins the thread today.

you can tell by the way he doesn't walk ... nope. Can't beat soxinsix.

h.h., thanks for the link to the David Ortiz show. Had a houseguest this weekend and didn't catch any of the games. Nice to see him flashing the leather.

Hmm. Closeted actor with a Scientology connection. Plus ça change...

As a physio I can't tell you how many proposition boners have been offered my way over the years.

There's a lot of dudes that think semi-nekkid = sexytime regardless of the venue and if they're (in)famous they're even worse.

A punch to the goolies usually resolves most issues.

"proposition boners"

I just learned a new phrase!

I think his are more like Proposition 8 Boners. Oooh, rim shot! Oh wait...

or are they Preparation H Boners?

Not falling for it....

Glad to be of assistance, folks. I'm here all week.

Sorry "soxinsix", in a photo finish "pseudosanity78" takes it at the wire...Proposition boner has to be entered into Urban Dictionary.

Cody Ross. Broken foot. DL.

Oh, and soxinsix: If you turn down a proposition boner, is that an ErecShun?

I feel like Bodemeister in the last two races, but I fully recognize the genius of Proposition Boner. Well done, pseudo.

Conspiracy theory:

David Ortiz knows he needs to get a good contract this coming off-season and this is not the team of "lovable losers" that it has been in the past. Notice how many players we have on the DL? Cody Ross just started shining...and now he's on the DL too. You don't have to shine as bright if you shine just enough...and are the only thing shining. That closed door meeting wasn't to get the team together...it was Ortiz exposing the fact that he's been the one putting guys on the DL! Ortiz smashed his Audi into a car on Boylston St the other day pulling out of a gas station...because he saw one of the other players leaving Fenway and was going to chase them down and put them on the DL! The other car just happened to get in the way right at the start of the chase! It was probably one of the pitchers. If they screw up, nobody cares that Ortiz hits a HR and gets 4 RBI if they still lose 10-9...

It's all coming together. Ortiz is the only guy who is shining AND hasn't gone to the DL yet! DUN DUN DUN! He's not the Godfather, he's the Big Papi...and he's showing them all who is boss. If they outshine him...DL. If they make it harder for him to shine...DL. It's so clear to me now!

Kaz, you really gotta get some sleep.

And see 6 below:

heheh - they said wood.

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