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Believe it

Well, except for Baltimore, New York, Detroit, Texas, so on and so forth but nobody friggin else I tell you what.


The tide has turned. The kinks are worked out. This time it's for realz.


Yeah, I feel like Kim Kardashian at the start of a new romance.


Are you kidding me? I feel like the French voting for a socialist.


It's all unicorns, rainbows, and ponies from here on out.



Here's how I feel this morning:


Why do I kinda feel as if our rainbows and ponies will come to this end?:


Any chance realignment can get the Red Sox moved to the AL Central?

Kelly Shoppach, on hitting his first major league triple: "It shouldn't be mathematically possible for me to run that far."

The tide has turned, .500 here we come! (Just give us another week or so).

Was in Paris last week for the lead-up to the French election. It wasn't the vitriol of the campaign that surprised me, the French are tame by US standards. It was the fact the one of the candidates, Francois Hollande had a "companion" (translate "girlfriend") who is now going to be the 1st main-squeeze of France.

Almost as mind-blowing as Francois Mitterrand's funeral where is both wife and mistress attended. How'd that conversation go?

COD- I had the same thought. Can we play the rest of the season in the midwest?

Maybe that unicorn needs to be disembodied and placed in John Henry's bed.

Can we forget the Red Sox for a second and talk about how big my lady boner is for this movie? Best part of the Avengers was this preview for The Dark Knight Rises:


This may be ironic, since I do a creepy comic wannabe site, but am I the only person on earth who has no interest in the comic book movies?

I haven't been a fan of many of the piss poor attempts to adapt comic books into movies, but as an unabashed Joss Whedon fanboy, I will get to The Avengers this weekend.

Also, if you haven't seen The Cabin In The Woods - it's the best new take on the horror genre since Scream.

The trailer is the movie. Why go to the cinema? Just fill in the blanks and save your money.

Cabin the Woods that good, COD? It's hotter than fuck here in FL, so I may take myself to the movies, and Dark Shadows isn't out til Friday....Although not sure about going to a scary movie by myself; I like to have someone to grab onto when scared witless.

Middlebrook putting the power in Will power. Take as much time as you need youk

I still say they are:


Otherwise I got noting, except for this:

That was pretty funny, h.b. I chuckled several times.

Are the Pats playing yet??

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