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The sky's the limit

Lisa the Temp continues to give life lessons while the Soxaholix are on vacation …

Lisa the Temp:
Lisa is often asked, "So, what's it like to be an office temp?"


Lisa the Temp:
So let me give it to you straight, peeps.


Lisa the Temp:
Le'ts say the temp career is an airplane. Traveling at 10,000 feet.


Lisa the Temp:
And let's say there's no landing gear and nowhere to land.


Lisa the Temp:
And fuel is limited. And one has a general idea of when the fuel is going to run out.


Lisa the Temp:
Given this knowledge, peeps, is "travel" really the right word?


Lisa the Temp:
And if not travel, then what?


Lisa the Temp:
One sees one's life quite differently when one knows it isn't going to land.4



I think, in due time, we will find that Lisa is actually a character from a lost Dostoyevsky novel.

The only question is- Is she an existentialist or misanthrope?

Did everyone go on holiday with Natalie? Crickets up in here.

I just got out of an 8:30 meeting. What a delightful start to my day.

I'm going to go pop children's balloons now.

This "deep" stuff makes my head hurt. And I can't answer pseudo's question. Is a misanthrope the one that needs to avoid full moons?

4 strips in a row based on poetry I've only even hear of because HB references it frequently has tired my brain out.

that's not just "glass half-empty" stuff, that's "glass shattered in my hand causing red wine and blood to spray everywhere and now I can't use my hand" stuff. Goes with the gloomy day thing in western Mass.

I'm having a tough time keeping up with the strip today, let alone pseudo's literary responses.

Misanthropes. Isn't that the Brewers' Single A affiliate out in Grand Rapids?

If only this would happen to a Kardashian:


You guys saying that you don't know that a Misanthrope is the new attachment for the ReadDoll disappoints me.

Can't deal with the squished bunny...just can't.

I have a problem with all this poetic nonsense. It makes me tired, which explains why I flunked lit 103 back in the day. That and doing what students did back then, which is not a whole lot different from what they do now when not in class.

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