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"The doctor will be with you in a moment ..."

Your omniscient author in absentia:
I've got to do my annually 12-hour fast and doctor visit this morning which is messing with writing mojo. Yes, I'm a total whuss. (I just worry that I may have to suffer being anally penetrated for an unnecessary sonogram... hmmm... worry or wonder?)



OK, so my 12 hour fast is over, I just consumed about 600 cals of chorizo tacos, and the doctor was delirious with having seen and given the once over to my new svelte self. (I'm now at my junior in high school weight... and I was a friggin scrawny nerd geek in h.s.)...

So I'm feeling fucking great. I love you all. Even the abortionists. (I kid, Nat, I kid...;)

Got mine coming up Friday. Never minded the prostate check more than any typical red-blooded male. Well, that is until my last check-up when during that portion of the exam suddenly *both* his hands had a firm grip on my shoulders.

I, uh, didn't ask for a second opinion... :)

Oh. And h.b., omniscient you may be, but "Even the abortionists."??

Too soon, man. Too soon.

you had me at Chorizo Taco. If only there were some spicy garlic chili sauce that would go well on that ... :-D

Somewhat off topic but wanted to mention sooner rahter than later that I'll be vacation next week.

I'm planning to seed Lisa (as they say) with some pithy remarks to dole out each day. But that will depend on TypePad not farking up the autopublish.

Of course, I may have driven everyone off by then anyway....

Maybe get a guest host for the week? Lou Clinton?

My blood pressure was up a little at my appointment today. I blame HB and Kaz.

Mmm, chorizo.

Although "prostate exam" and "chorizo" aren't two things necessarily go well together. especially if the chorizo is circumsized.

I don't think I have much to offer. It would be all non-beisbol stuff, and you know how that goes.


Dropkick Murphys lead singer Ken Casey said Jonathan Papelbon can no longer use "Shipping up to Boston" as his entrance song now that the closer has left the Red Sox for the Phillies. "That's not Pap's song," Casey said. "That's the [Boston] closer's song."

Or maybe he didn't say that...


It doesn't really matter how he meant it. I don't think Paps is going to play "Shipping Up To Boston" in Philadelphia anyway. Unless he wants one wiz with (battery) upside his head.

Just think how good those chorizo tacos would have tasted in the all new, can't wait to try one, Taco Bell Dorito taco shell.

Screw the '04 and '07 WS rings, we have a fucking Dorito taco shell! Now I can really die in peace. The marvels of modern science continue to amaze.

Busy day. Late to the party. I dont get driven off. I must be thrown out. And much along the lines of an adage told to me by a friend - "a man aint a man til he has shart himself at least once", i submit that friends aint really friends til they have bitched each other out and got over it.

Fuck Papelbon. Not my friend. Y'all may be creepy, degenerate, interweb wierdo, overly attentive to clever sexual inuendo and not so clever inuendo, proantigovlibcon, sunset renting, sriracha worshipping, even a UVA grad in there (oy) kind of friends, but friends nonetheless. Go Redsox.

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