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The Big Sleep

Someone really should come up with a bettah word than "insomnia"...


I mean if it was just "sleeplessness" that really wouldn't be so bad, you know, just laying there all empty headed and not sleeping...


But it's the fucking relentless horror show your sleepless brain dishes out non stop that is the rub.


It's like the friggin OWN network–it's on but nobody fucking wants to watch that shit.


Have trouble are we? Maybe you should try Lunesta?


Lunesta? Are you fucking kidding me? I mean, Christ, aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations, or confusion, occasional, tongue or throat swelling that may be fatal?


Death by swollen tongue? Fucking seriously?!


No thanks, I'll stick to something safah like heroin.


Maybe tonight you should just focus on something good... something that makes you happy.


For instance, look at that pic of Mel Parnell in skis in a snowy Fenway and tell me it doesn't put a smile on your face?


The winningest southpaw in team history...



And another one of Lunesta's side effects is the appearance of that glowing Death Moth. How you're supposed to sleep with that thing flitting around your bed is beyond me.

Two Alleve and a few beers will knock you the eff out. Of course, you'll have a hangover like you got drunk the next day if you don't swill a bunch of water before you nod off.

Turn on a light and read Moby Dick - anywhere before the last 100 or so pages; no hangover

Try thinking about baseball. Oh wait, that's not for insomnia. Never mind.

Cutty, neat in a low boy glass works for me.
Lester could catch Parnell, which is, (barring an injury) a pretty good bet. The reason he would not become the Sox all time lefty wins leader? Free agency.

Stay up wicked late doing crazy shit with Urm (only works for next night).

Before I sink into the Big Sleep I want to hear the scream of the glowing Death Moth ;O

Benadryl does it for me.

Wasn't there a recall on that?? Better ask Buck.

Parnell's obituary from the Times Picayune


Mel's picture makes me smile, but the ski bindings make my knees hurt just looking at them (and remembering Jim Lonborg).

Smile? LOL at the locker room pic. That has to be Beckett's great uncle swilling beer on the right. And yes, by gawd, that does appear to be a chicken bone on the left side of the picture.

When the B's won last spring, NESN trotted out all those old clips of the Espo/Sanderson locker room days which were equally hilarious.

Times change. Now there's no betting your game day wages that your locker buddy can't maim the opposing quarterback.


Now that Tebow is on the Jets, do they have to change the name of their team to Virgin Airlines?

Sleep walking is fun. Sleep bar crawling is more fun.

I loves me some Lunesta. :-)

Smoke some Ganja, mon.

Jesus they all looked happy back in the day. Like they all just said "swell".

Except Birdie Tebbetts. He looks like he took a few to many foul tips off the head.

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