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The algorithm that binds us

Remember the 2002 Red Sox...


Ah, wait, wait... just give a few seconds to, er, think...


Me neithah...


Hmmm... that might be something palatable.


I mean Manny had a friggin monstah 2002 and package that up with $1.65 avg for a gallon of gas and it stahting to sound pretty good.


Wow, what a miraculous memory for minutia you have. Heh.


Yeah, it's a little something I live to call, "Googleito ergo sum."



2002?? I have trouble remembering what I did yesterday ;O

The Narrative continues... Thanks Curt, now please shut up and go away.


But does he have his Jordans furniture??

Schilling has video games to sell - needs to keep himself in the spotlight.

I do remember the Manny-at- Pawtucket-losing-an-earring- sliding-into-3rd-and-stopping the-game-to-look-for-it story. Classic.

RIP Earl Scruggs.


It's kinda sad that most people only know Earl Scruggs from The Beverly Hillbillies. Although even that was pretty great stuff.

Earl Scruggs was the king of banjo pickers, sort of a Ted Williams of the bluegrass set. Better still, he was a fine human being to boot.

I had a wrap for lunch today. And yesterday, too.

My teeth already feel whiter.

Unfortunately I remember a bit of '02. Turned 30 that summer, first year of law school, RS shit the bed in September a la 2011 (maybe not as bad), and I swore off the CHB. I hope Finn isn't right.

Fortunately I remember Scruggs at Merlefest. Way better.

Random Observation: I saw the lights on at Fenway Tuesday night around 10pm (I work close by). I don't know what they were working on but I like seeing it each Spring.

Rudi - maybe it was an exorcism?

Lately it occurs to me,what a long strange trip its been.... through my portion of the 86, through the following orgasm of redsoxness, and on into the whatevercomesnext...

I am a privileged soul to have heard Mr. Scruggs play live. Too bad as a child I had my head in more popular but lesser music. It shortened my time with music such as his.

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