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Sage advice

Lisa the Temp doles out advice while the Soxaholix are on vacation …

Lisa the Temp:
The best advice I can give to a new temp just starting out is to never be afraid to ask questions. Never, peeps.


Lisa the Temp:
No matter how commonplace or obvious you may consider any one of the meaningless tasks you are given, you should never assume that the office you're at that day doesn't have some sort of "special" way of doing things.


Lisa the Temp:
And it's up to you to discover this by asking questions.


Lisa the Temp:
For instance today at the staff meeting, Lisa asked, "Could I respectfully ask that, if someone has the time, and at their convenience, of course, if someone could watch me pee?"


Lisa the Temp:
I have the feeling that I am peeing wrong, and as it stands, what's to stop me? I suspect there may be many others in this predicament. Thank you."


Lisa the Temp:
You see, people, the failure to ask these sorts of questions as a temp worker seems to me an act of remarkable malice.3



I have no words. Lisa you are one classy lady.

Lisa always looked like a tranny to me. Very strong Cher resemblance. As I always suspected, Lisa stands when she pees.


That proves it.

Lisa is no dummy, she knows how gawdawful public dumpers are, so not sitting is the best option. And yes, it would be worth watching. But, if she is a tranny, all bets are off.

The key to this is her statement, "I have the feeling that I am peeing wrong."

Does she feel this way because she is currently peeing sitting down? Or standing up? Therein lies the answer to all your questions.

Well, the fact that her UTI made her itch in fact suggests she is indeed peeing wrong. I do hope she is temping for a urologist. :)

I am off to St Lucia for a week on Sat, and normally midMarch is the perfect time to go, with lingering winter chill in the East. But it is so frickin' gorgeous in Manhattan right now, I am in flip flops, and almost loathe to leave... Almost.

Lisa keeps her panty hose on when she goes weewee.

Great strip today, though now I have the Frank Zappa song "Why does it hurt when I pee" stuck in my head...

soxinsix - Ha! I had the same song lyric pass through my head, too. I miss Zappa. Think what he could have done with (to) today's "modern" culture. "Is that a REAL poncho, or is that a Sears poncho?"

Nat - have a great time. Don't worry. The chill will be waiting for you when you return.

Today is Pi day, apparently. I think if our fearless leader had known that, he could have had a lot of fun with Lisa and assorted pi/pie double entendres. Is anyone else now thinking about Revenge of the Nerds?

thanks for bringing trashy back, lisa.

That's not just pie, that's my Pi!

Did that from memory - quote may be a little off. Come to think of it - I married an ADPi.

"Pi r squared."
"No, stoopid! Pie are ROUND! CAKE are square!"

Reluctant as I am to change the subject from Lisa's urine, has anybody noticed how much the Bruins suck since Tim Thomas snubbed the POTUS?

Ah, Sir Francis Zappa lives!
His SNL appearence waaay back in the day stands as a seminal moment in TV, right there with the fifth game of the '04 ALCS!

Cmdr - excellent!

That's right kids, don't touch that dial! I am the slime on the video...

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