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Old as you feel

Oh, great. So there's already a "wedge" developing between the GM and managah.


That's appropriate because I'm pretty sure Bobby Valentine invented the wedge salad.


Mmmm... blue cheese.


Speaking of blue things that smell... Seems the Yankees are lowah than the Red Sox in David Pinto's offensive probability spreadsheet.


Well, to be fair to the Yankees, everybody is lowah than the Red Sox who come in at numbah one, thank you very much.


I hope there isn't some Sports Illustrated type jinx associated with Pinto and Baseball Musings.


Don't be preposterous... But if you put a hardcopy of Pinto's spreadsheet in the back of your cah, then all bets are off.


Jeez, Al, nothing like an archaic reference... what are you like 100 years old?


101... But hey here's another one for ya...


A milkman, a typesettah, and a ferrier walk into a bah...



I got a wedge salad one time on the recommendation of a friend. When it came out, it looked fucking preposterous, but I ate it and fucking loved it.


HB, are you trying to be philosophical? Can the Yankees be lower than themselves? What is the sound of one hand slapping at a glove? etc.

My dad had a banana yellow Pinto back in the day.

Oops... case of the Mondays on that error, now fixed.

I've had to endure that joke for 35 years. :-) By the way, my uncle Nick Pinto drove a Pinto.

Thanks for the link!

Good to see ol' Don Draper back workin' on his wedge shot last night.

when i hear 'wedge salad' i think of trying to pull a thong out of a fat girl's cheeks.

A milkman, a typesettah, and a farriah walk into a bah... the milkman says, 'I'll have a Blind Russian'. The typesettah sits down on a bar stool and ordahs a Quick Brown Fox. The farriah gets a Horseshoe.

The bahtendah says, "What the f***, I don't get it?"

Laying on the back deck with a pic of St. Lucia hanging on the wall. Weird that St. Lucia is in the 50s and windy. Oh well, time to go to the cruise buffet for my wedge salad.

@David Pinto. College roommate of mine, Kirk Pinto played lacrosse together. Aside from the obvious nicknames from his first name (ie, Captain,etc.)...we use to tell the rookies and opponents "not to hit him from behind"...honestly, over 30 years ago, that never gets old...but as my kids remind me daily, I am old.

Lester looks really good today.

So does the chicken.

I am old and in the way

A milkman, a typesettah, and a farriah walk into a bah... the milkman says "Yankees suck". {Try the stupid fucking veal)

@ Jeff: I am blind and my dog is dead

A milkman, typesetter, and ferrier walk into a bar...

The milkman says, "The one of us with the best sex story buys the rest a drink". They all agree.

The milkman describes a hot blonde housewife who he found home alone and horny, but just after he finished, the husband came home and he left out the window.

The typesetter says that was good, but he had a schoolmarm who needed some books printed in his shop and she invited her friend who was Rosie the Riveter over and they had a threesome on the press.

The ferrier says not bad, but he nailed a horse...

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