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Of signs of spring

Like the multiple dull drum...


Of sap in empty pails...


Comes the sweet tidal flow from Spring Training...


A righthanded pull hittah, Cody Ross seems like a good match for Fenway.


Doubrant, shahp. Lestah, shahp. Beckett, shahp.


Millah hitting 96 on the gun? Matsuzaka (Matsuzaka???) "impressive".


The Red Sox are always a classy bunch; we know this.


You know to me—Kentucky-Fried, Pop-eyed, home-styled—doesn't mattah. Nevah been a fan.


Seriously. If the good Lord had wanted us to fry chicken then the good Lord wouldn't have given us the Ipswich clam.


Food of the gods that.


Chubby Woodman you did a very good thing, a very good thing indeed.



Chubby Woodman never met a bearded clam he could not bring to its knees

I know what I'm having for lunch today...

Good idea. I'm having clams at the Sail Loft today.

And I'll have a chubby tonight.

Oh, the S'loft, with their electric cocktails, vodka tonics that would put hair on your chest. There is very little I miss about living in Boston (beach access is #1, Fenway/NESN/EEI is #2.....that's about it) but I have some very fond, and hazy, memories of the Sail Loft.

Finally, an answer to the question "Little clam, who made thee?".

The place in Brockton we used to always get our fried clams from was overtaken by a Foxy Lady franchise which maintained the store as its front for some weird regulatory/ordinance reason. Now, whenever I go home, I need to park in the Fox Lady lot so my wife can have some clam strips for dinner.

da kine, ever run into Mo Vaughan?

no, but Mo ran into him...

Now I want to go to Iggy's for clamcakes. I miss RI sometimes.

Ok I will enjoy a clam as fast as the next guy and quite a few girls too. But, my friends, a proper southern fried chicken is a thing all should experience many times over. Not the chain food variety, but the cooked by an old fat lady kind. Put a good scald on that bird and oh my. The crunch of the breast skin, the hot juices down your chin, the salty yummm....

Ok, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Chubbah Wood-man hahaha ;D

I'm with you Rolo. So glad the Mrs. is from RI so I could experience the goodness the is RI clamcakes and chowda. Helps that her relatives owned the restaurant. More chowda, please!

The Red Wing in Walpole. Best fried clams and greasy pizza period.

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