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Lisa finds insufficiencies

The Soxaholix are on vacation, but Lisa the Temp continues to, er, temp…

Lisa the Temp:
At the end of a long day of temp work, I believe it's important to take a moment to reflect.


Lisa the Temp:
You know, look back and say, "What was that?"


Lisa the Temp:
But one can never answer sufficently, can one?


Lisa the Temp:
Lisa can say, "I played Words with Friends, there was the lady with the hump at reception, and there was the itch from the UTI before the meds kicked in..."


Lisa the Temp:
But still one hasen't summed up why one existed or where, has one peeps?2



Words with friends is so last week,Lisa ;O

Lisa with the dark brown eyes
That blends your butter scotch face insight
Smiles which brings sparkles to my mind
Lisa with the dark brown eyes

I've never played Words With Friends.

"itch from the UTI"...

I thought h.b. had a typo, missing the "b" in "bitch". But what the hell is ut... Ohhhhhh. Nevermind.

Dissapointing lack of creepiness in Lisa's journal so far this week, but it's all explained by the UTI.

Drink your cranberry juice and feel better, Lisa!

Not to be all technical and gross here, but UTIs don't itch, they burn. Yeast infections itch.

Lisa has a veritable store of home remedies since she still does not have health insurance.

Natalie: I will not be able to get an erection for the next week or so. You did that.

da kine. I know, I'm walking saltpeter, sorry about that. ;)

Natalie is absolutely correct, and she at least she was kind enough to leave out other medically descriptive terms (as the lone medical professional in the family I have to use a bright stringent terminology filter), ie, discharge (always a crowd favorite).

Also #Welkah, the point of drinking cranberry juice is to acidify your urine...orange juice and/or grapefruit juice does it better...it was just a marketing coupe by OceanSpray to get everyone to think cranberry.

No charge for the house call, Lisa.

UTI? After Natalie's comment I'm thinking TMI.

If it helps, most women get UTIs from lots and lots of creative, vigorous sex (now I am recalling the summer I was 22, living on Nantucket with my boyfriend....). So feel free to turn your attention to how exactly Lisa came by hers....

Loose Lisa, she was sore, says I know you don't want my love no more,
yeh-yeh yeh-yeh yeh-yeh yeh, singing, "Thank you, for a real good time!"

Hmmmm...mind racing now...Natalie and the man from Nantucket....can I get a Real Doll ovah heah?

Lisa lives on Nantucket??

UTI aka cystitis, hence the phrase "honeymoon cystitis" of which Natalie speaks...which makes me think of that old joke involving June Cleaver..."weren't you a little hard on the beaver last night"

Sorry about geeking out on medical etymology...professional hazard.

Just to change the subject, has everyone filled out their NCAA tourney brackets? Any tips for me? I don't watch college ball, so I am basically closing my eyes and dropping my finger on the page- except for the Harvard matchup, and then it's sheer homerism, hoping that the one team I care about will make it to the second round (even I am not remotely optimistic beyond that)....

You can also get a UTI by ripping a catheter out of your urethra over and over again while heavily sedated in a hospital.

Not that I'd know.

Despite Natalie's medical accuracy, something about Lisa briskly moving her fingers over her nether regions has my mind wandering.

A question for the group. I finally have the opportunity to purchase a 10 game ticket plan. Since I live in Colo. I wouldn't be using them all. Is is difficult to sell extra tickets? We have a tough time selling extra Pats tickets for face or under as it is. What do you think?

I'm conflicted on the Harvard-Vandy pick. I picked Harvard to win two games but I'm now thinking that if I pick Vanderbilt I'll be happy no matter what happens. Is that disloyal?

Scott, extra Sox tickets are almost impossible to unload or even to give away but, as a card-carrying Soxaholic, you're sure to get sympathy and help from others who hang out at this creepy site. Do you take Visa?

Always, always pick at least one 12 seed to win over a 5 seed. It happens every year. Coincidentally, Harvard is a 12 seed.

As great as it would be to see, I don't think Harvard is beating Vandy. Long Beach State over New Mexico is my 5-12 upset pick.

Seeing a how Vandy beat KY in the SEC tourney, I think going with Hahvahd would be a poor bracket choice.

And Scott, PSP would be correct about Soxaholix help with tickets. If I'm actually HOME this summer, and not still on the road, I'll be happy to look at the available dates.

Letters to Wendy's? Dang, HB. That's some seriously obscure shit.

@Jeff, nice Grateful Dead/Robert Hunter reference!

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