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Lisa and the metaphysical

While the Soxaholix are on spring vacation, Lisa the Temp will keep the creepy show going…

Lisa the Temp:
When I return to an office I temped at before I often feel like an ex-prisoner-of-war, decades after my release, returning to the prison in which I was detained.


Lisa the Temp:
The country is nothing like it was back then.


Lisa the Temp:
The prison has been made into a tourist spot.


Lisa the Temp:
I feel a kind of unspecific sadness — Not at my imprisonment, or at some lack of justice...


Lisa the Temp:
But because the gift shop at the former prison sells sea shells. And this is a landlocked country.1



Beautifully annotated, H.B. This strip is FDA-approved.

My son and I completed our annual viewing of Keep The Faith last night. I cried. Again.

We also watched 4 Days in October on Friday night, and Moneyball on Saturday night.

Does anybody think Moneyball was actually a good movie? I thought it was painfully slow, but maybe that is because I've read the book several times.

I thought Moneyball was a decent movie, only an awards contender because this was among the weakest years for movies, IMHO. On an unrelated note, they are filming an episode of Person of Interest right outside my offices. I plan to stalk the insanely hot Jim Caviezel at lunch...

I didn't get as much from Moneyball a I'd hoped, but that may have been because I was on a flight to Dallas (bad enough) and there was a screaming kid in the seat behind me (almost as bad).

Hi, Lisa. It's been a while.

Enjoyed him in Count of Monte Cristo, Natalie.

@COD- regarding the '04 reminiscing this weekend I recieved as a gift (from my incredible husband) an '04 World Series ball signed by the whole team. I cried. It brought everything rushing back and I was a heap on the floor for a good fifteen minutes.

Eff dimaonds, baseball is a girls best friend.

Moneyball was better than expected. But I watched it on demand from comfort of home. Not worth actually going to a cinema to view. But I say that for most movies. Brad Pitt will never outdo his performance in Snatch.

Sorry to go all grammar Nazi on a Monday morning but incredible husband is a redundancy.

Pseudo, I hope the husband got the customary reward for diamonds/autographed baseballs, perhaps even on your way up from the heap on the floor.

He did Pete...I made him beef wellington for dinner.

Bahaha! Nice pseudo!

Like most movies from books, Moneyball was much better in the printed version. But then Michael Lewis is damn good. As for Snatch, amen, Yazbread. Great movie even though I got none of what Pitt said as leader of the Pikeys.

Ahh miss sweetie little soft-core pretender
Somehow baby got hard as it gets
With her black leather chrome spiked suspenders
And her chair and her whip and her pets
Well we know you're the reincarnation
Of the ravenous Catherine the Great
And we know how you love your ovations
And the Z-rated scenes you create
And the Z-rated scenes you create

I thiunk Jeff dropped one too many acid thingies in the sixties.

Nothing left to do but
Smile, Smile, Smile!

Oh man yuou shouldn't do that!
Don't you know you'll stainn the carpet?

"Your sweet pink mouth
goes north and south
and just smile...."

Sorry, I will use any excuse to work an Arrested Development quote in...

Tickets came in the mail today...things are looking up?

Head on my chin
Head on my chin
Head on my chine
Head on my chin-chin...

[PS I know that the Velvet Underground and the Grateful Dead are different bands]

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