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Let it not be

I'm not entirely sure, here, but I'm getting the impression that this guy Luke Scott doesn't care for Red Sox fans too much.


Who the fuck is Luke Scott?


Looks like BigBri has a new hero.


"Luke, I am your vulgah."


The funniest paht for me is how he talks about how awesome it is to be so-called "classy" but then proceeds to relate how he, an MLB playah, rolled down his window aftah a game to taunt Boston fans leaving Fenway.


Yeah, way to personify class, Lukey.


And like his taunting would actually have some sort of effect... what the uninitiated fail to comprehend about us is that we're as ruthless to each othah as we are to anyone else.


Serioulsy, we seek respite from tolerance in every sense.


Stop being nice to me. Say to me, "What are you fucking retahded?"



*** Note ***
Sorry for the delay in publishing. I had TypePad set to do an autopub at 715am but it failed me.

Fuck Luke Scott AND the horse he rode in on.

And he carries a spear gun around with him.

Perfect accessory for those wife-beater sideburns.

Hey Luke, Lloyd Bridges called. He wants his era back.

what a moron. "The fans come in and they take over the city" He doesn't realize that if his team had any fans of their own we wouldn't be able to take over the city. What is he, retahded? And now he's gone to that other hotbed of fandom, Tampa. Hey Luke, let us know if your .220 average wakes up any of the 5000 hardy fans you've got down there

can I borrow the last panel for my profile pic on FB, btw?

How you know your trolling is effective:

Months later, you can't tell Luke Scott from Brandon Guyer...but he can still quote what you called his mother at one of 162 games last year...

Poor bastard thinks he has the upper-hand too. Silly rabbit, we're in this for the long con. Well after you leave the game due to an ACL tear, we will still be here mocking your 15 year old replacement.

A fandom is always going to be defined by its worst members, and winning titles is gonna earn you shitty bandwagon fans who act like imbeciles. Luke Scott needs to grow up. Didn't his momma ever tell him (as mine did me): you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all?

For some reason, I hear Doug's voice in Marky Mark's Dorchester accent, rather than Lowell accent (my old college room mate was a "Lowell-life"...especially when he says "fucking retarded"

So, here is a great thing. A couple years back when attending Fenway South, sitting in the seats no orioles fan would buy just above the visiting dugout, they had a Luke Scott T shirt giveaway. The Oriole boosters asked if we, adorned in our redsox gear, were just going to throw the shirt away. "No, of course not. Its a perfectly good shirt to wear when noone can see us." Now, however...

Still have it and it will now be used to wipe my dogs ass and then thrown away.

Luke scott is a douche.

After reading Mr.Scott's "views", I'm willing to bet even Natalie's very correct mother would have told young master Luke to "Fuck off!"

Emily Post would have approved the sentiment, suggesting only that a lovely, hand-written follow-up note would have been appropos.

I have no problems with LS. Talking smack is one of the more enjoyable parts of the game.

LS is a long standing douche (ref. all birther comments). This just recent reminder of such. Yaz, I like smack talk too. A lot. But not really a fan of whining about smack talk which is of course my completely unbiased view of him. He may feel different, but he is a douche.

Are the powers that be also retahded? One game wildcard playoff? Bullshit. Frigging spastics.

I never heard of Luke Scott. who the fuck is he? Is he that dude on Parks and Recreation?

I would like to say as a resident of Maine, that I will be running for Senator. I do not expect to win, but I expect to call quite a few people "fuckfaces" on TV.

Can I vote in Maine from NC? Cn we get special soxaholix privelages to participate in Maine? I could go to bed with a smile on my face if I could see a clip of the Surly One lettin em have it.

Yeah ... he's a birther, which says all that's needed about his mental capacity. Makes him especially popular here in Hawaii.

A priceless comment from lc! thanks for getting my day off to a fine start (I know: I'm welcome)


Do we throw at .220 hitters?


God bless you

sdu- and you can look it up.

A couple of years ago, I was at Fenway South when an Oriole fan started mouthing off about the number of Red Sox fans (more than the hometown boys had), when a fellow Sox fan a couple of rows away got up and proceeded to tell him to "Shut the fuck up! Without us and the Yankee fans you wouldn't have anybody here and your team would have moved like the Colts did." I'll be heading down there to see a couple of games in August. Looking forward to it.

I think things are rounding into shape. Thank god that there is no baseball this year.


Speaking of fucktards: According to the Globe, Lackey "vows to be the same pitcher he was before elbow surgery."

Are you shitting me? I thought the surgery was suppose to help.

Need to start on LC's campaign slogans.
"Vote for LC because the other guy is a fuckface"

I'll buy that bumper sticker, sonoma.

FWIW, Grantland has a team report on the RS by Jonah Keri today. A good read.

This concludes my actual baseball reference for the day...

Vote lc:
He's got sunsets that'll make you shit your pants.

Vote for lc now or he'll spam the fuck out of you until you do

Follow my campaign tweets, because I cannot (allegedly) get sued for them.

@hb sorry I hijacked this thing today. back on my best behaviour tomorrow.


What are you fucking retahded, LC? No apologies. Fuck HB and his creepy site, stop being so nice to him.

Lou Clinton: Surly, but electable.

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