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In like a lion...

Let the 2012 Major League Baseball season commence!


Yeah, and nothing quite says baseball like a 6am game in Mahch.


Or stepping out into a 39 degree ovahcast day.


So much for Spring being like a perhaps hand which comes carefully out of nowhere with a happy ending.


Seriously, with this weathah coming on the heels of last week's 70s, it's more like Spring is a perhaps forced bukkake.


Well, when it comes to Spring, I think it's best to recall the words of our sagacious Red Sox managah — "Just because God delays does not mean God denies."


Hey, this delaying and denying is one thing, but if Bobby V decides to bat Aviles and his career .318 OBP at leadoff, then it's time for God to get out some old school Biblical stylee smite.


Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's covered in Deuteronomy...

"And when thou fuckest with the order and nigh good comes of it, then whither thou goest the Lord thy God shall smite thee. And proclaim peace unto it."



"The people of New England are by nature patient and forbearing, but there are some things which they will not stand. Every year they kill a lot of poets for writing about 'Beautiful Spring.'"
-Mark Twain


What an excellent Twain quote and one I was not familiar with. Thanks!

Dustin Ackley is off to a good start! Let's hope it's good year all around for former Tar Heels...

Wait, what?


I'm voting for Doug in November. ROY 2012!

Matthew 4:4 "The staff shall not live on chicken and beer alone, but on every pompous utterance that comes from the mouth of the almighty Bobby V"

Wasn't it just this past weekend that The Boston Globe was telling us of discontent in the clubhouse because Bobby V wanted Iglesias at SS and Cherington said no?

So now 72 hours later they are telling us about a conspiracy between Valentine and Cherington to keep the poor Latin kid out of the majors.

I'd say you can't make this stuff up, but I think that is exactly what they are doing.

Anybody in the DC area thinking about going to the game vs the Nationals on Tuesday afternoon? I'm thinking of blowing off the afternoon to hang out at the ballpark.

A beautiful Spring
Appears early then leaves us
Heat replaced by OW! I've been shot.

Bobby V -

Like an angel, standing in a shaft of light
Rising up to paradise, I know Im gonna shine.

Youve all been asleep, you would not believe me
Them voices tellin me, you will soon receive me
Standin on the beach, the sea will part before me
Fire wheel burning in the air!

You will follow me and we will ride to glory, way up, the middle of
The air!

And I'll call down thunder and speak the same and my work fills the
Sky with flame
And might and glory gonna be my name and men gonna light my way.

My time coming, any day, don't worry about me, no
Its gonna be just like they say, them voices tell me so

Our Theo compensation, Chris Carpenter, is having elbow surgery tomorrow.

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