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Flaky Friday

Your omniscient author in absentia:
My morning routine is asunder having to get up and get to work extra early in order to leave work early so I can get my car (after last week's unfortunate fender bender) back from the body shop this afternoon and return the hideous rental so I don't get stuck with it for the entire weekend.

That is all.

(If I were Bobby V I'd have said that in Japanese after inventing a new type of sandwich, in anime.)



regardless, fuck the Red Sox.



Where's the Spam??

Rich after just returning from Paris I would have to say that the Spam has likely relocated to France, with the rest the the cochon.

(That sounds really harsh, but I mean it with the best intentions...maybe.)

Feed me Alicia ;O

Harwich, in the spirit of today's Japanese-themed strip, the Spam is in a manapua.

I suppose that's Japanese-Hawaiian, but still.

At least it's not Wichetty grubs smothered in Vegemite ;)

J/K Peter ;D

Im in the Sarasota area visiting and I have tickets to tomorrows Sox v Rays spring training game at 1:30 which I just found out I cannot attend. It looks like Im gonna have to eat them so if any soxaholix are in the area for spring training I will give em to you. I think the games sold out.

@ pseudo: whenever I'm in Paris, I try to remember that the French generally hate the Parisians as well.

So, Paris = New York City?

hb, if you were Bobby V your site would suck.

oh, and Let the Good Times Roll

No Takers? Alright then craigslist hoooooo

Racist eats witchetty grubs:


Mmmm, sorry about that.

According to the code SDU wrote, Paul is dead.

Well, my vacation is about over. But have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

I think what SDU was trying to say was: Racist eats witchetty grubs

But the good news is-I'M on vacation next week.Hahahaha ;O

So remind me how you do that Kaz? The primer or whatever its called. Remembering I don't know what typepad is and don't have it.

God damn i
Don't get it.

Nor should I

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