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Creepus Interruptus

Your omniscient author in absentia:
Sorry to do this to you so soon after a vacation week (though you at least did get 5 days of Lisa, right?), but I'm getting clobbered from multiple directions at the moment. Let's try to pick back up and resume tomorrow...




/Insert penis joke here./

/insert penis/


So, supposed to be 80 tomorrow. That's always nice on a work day. Maybe I'll have to have the twin lobsters at The Sail Loft. Or the turkey club.


isn't there a temporary employee who could handle that for you?

So it gets worse.... 2 hour commute to work this morning and while in 1-3mph traffic I go into a stupor from boredom and drive right into a truck in front of me... only minor damage to the plastic piece of bumper but still, it will cost $$ and time to fix.

I least I'm just getting clobbered and not "plugged"... so far anyway.



The two greatest words in the
English language.

And "plugged," don't forget "plugged."

Sorry to hear about the fender bender (or fender smasher as the case may be), HB.

God bless us, every one.


Question for group, or rather, the creepy part that has some knowledge of locks...

One of the things that has jacked with me past 24 hours...

Changing out a double cylinder deadbolt. Done it many times before with no sweat. But this one has me stymied... removed the two screws from the inside but had no effect on actually pulling the lock halves apart. Tried an allen wrench as well as diff screwdrivers into the screw holes thinking maybe second set of screws deeper in but nothing seem to catch. Cannot find any other screws or access points to screws. Totally baffled. Other than the allen wrench suggestion, even the interwebs has let me down.

Any suggestions?

None yet. What brand lock?

Tiny set screw perhaps that holds the plate on to the deadbolt?

Or perhaps you just need to insert penis.

Actually, my first thought is that the lock halves are glued to the door via paint or stain and you need to take a blade and pry off to seperate.

Or insert penis.

"I'm getting clobbered from multiple directions at the moment. Let's try to pick back up and resume tomorrow..."

I thought John Lackey was out for the year.

h.b. - The funniest thing ever on this site is me giving home improvement tips. Just ask Mrs. Rob...

BUT - I actually had a similar experience recently with a dead bolt lock. Long story short, because of the torque applied in assembling the two halves, they were bound up together and "stuck". I was told to carefully lever them apart with a couple of screwdrivers, one on each side of the door, caution used to prevent dinging up the doors.

You may have a different situation, so no guarantees. But it finally worked on the very old lock I was replacing. Other than that, get a locksmith? Good luck.

This is like delivering a baby over the phone. There are screws that hold the deadbolt in place and screws that hold the faceplates/collars in place. See this for a diagram of a single cylinder lock. It sounds like you have only removed a single set of screws from the deadbolt.

Somehow today's post and comments have reached a new high (or low) of creepy weirdness. While I would give Pseudo the 'comment of the day' award for Penises and Lobsters, Yaz's late entry, including helfpul pictorial link, also inspire.

As lc might say: go sawx.


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