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Blue on blue, heartache on heartache

So I absolutely love it when the cosmos are in harmony and we learn, for instance, that A-Rod's niece fancies a store called "Blue and Cream."


I mean, of course she does, of course she does.


Hey, one can never be too blasé when pairing creams with the color of one's lips.


Yeah, you really couldn't find a bettah two word juxtaposition that just screams A-Rod than "Blue and Cream."


Well, expect maybe "Slaps Balls."


You know, say what you want about A-Rod, but I think it's great that he's spending time with his niece and more importantly letting her shop at the same place where he buys his batting gloves.


And his purse!


I think it's nice, too, that Alex is experiencing first hand what it feels like to pay too much for something and not be able to get a refund.




Awesome strip, hb. And that photo is indeed the best evah. I break it out for my MFY friends every so often just to keep them in check.

Great A-Fraud strip, HB. Coffee, nose, etc.

And "green rabbit trim." Jebus, that's good stuff.

Baseball? A-Rod? I was hoping for an update on the mystery of the recalcitrant double cylinder lock.

Outstanding strip, HB. I'm looking forward to another season of decline from him and worries that he won't be able to live up to the painting of himself as a centaur he supposedly has in his place.

Just getting in touch with his feminine side.

That picture always makes me smile.

Something about busting on the blue-lipped one just makes my day. Well done, h.b.

But really, $600 for a handbag?? I bought a gen-u-ine Coach bag for my daughter on 8th Ave. for $5.00! Stupid A-rod... :-)

And what yaz said. How'd it go?

Shouldn't it be "cosmos IS in harmony," not "cosmos are in harmony"? But maybe your talking about blue-lips' favorite girly pink cocktail.

Does the last frame refer to Carl Crawford?

Double snap, Pinto!

At least he and JH have kissed and made up(hopefully)

On a sadder note-RIP Mel Parnell

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