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A sane person to an insane society must appear insane.

Nice try, Paps, but it's gonna take a lot more than that to push my proverbial buttons.


Seriously, if I let every lowah primate goad me, I wouldn't be able to walk by the monkey cages at the zoo without a hand full of my own feces at the ready.


And talk about totally misunderstanding the magnanimity of Red Sox fans... so a guy throws his prosthetic leg into the bullpen? Hasn't Paps every heard the good luck phrase "Take a leg!"


I mean, jeez, we're just trying to help is all.


But the biggest misunderstanding of them all may be our fomrah closahs naivete about his best new Philly fan friends... Have fun with that, kid.


Meanwhile, don't anybody mention this to Rush, but it looks like taxapayahs willl be helping to pick up the tab on Fenway future renovations forevah and evah.


But the fans in othah cities shouldn't fret... No, instead they should console themselves for being treated as wards by imagining that they have chosen their own protector, our benevolent and well-meaning government shepherd.



I'm confused; so John Henry won't pay for his own birth control?

And Paps thinks Philly fans are wicked smaht? Well, they do have a lot of culture there, a lot of culture. There's the Liberty Bell...the Liberty Bell...cheese steaks...it's like a mini New York.

Don't forget to duck when the batteries start flying.

So last night my son informs me that he has been accepted to Drexel University (in Philadelphia), with a scholly.

Me: So do you want to road trip to Philly to tour the school?

Him: Nah. I don't want to live with Philly sports fans for 4 years.

Which is fine with me, because even with the scholarship Drexel is still more expensive than a state school with no financial help at all.

COD, your son is a gentleman and a scholar.

He'd be very lonely in Philadelphia.

John Henry IS his own birth control


Can't believe your son is about to enter college!

Seems like only yesterday that we all took in that PawSox game in Richmond and he was just a boy. Time flies...

Yes, the Philly fans are so smart they erected a statue of a fictional boxer. Good luck Paps. We'll see how much loyalty they show you after you blow a couple of saves...

Tell me about H.B. He is actually a college student already as he is taking a couple of classes at community college this semester. My daughter is 16 - we are two years from being empty nesters. Hopefully some time after we get done paying for college we'll have some excess money to enjoy it!

If Lisa is attached to the chain, I'd be willing to throw my personal liberties away.

Thanks for the link! Boston's come a long way from the original tea party. :-)

It's pretty easy to flap your piehole when you're talking about a team you won't typically see during regular season play.

As for the fans? Every team has their anoraks and their dickheads, Philly is no different.

pseudo - I have to disagree. Philly is a cesspit with an excess of loons. I've worn my Sox/NY Rangers gear in numerous places around the country (including a Sox home jersey to the Toilet in the Bronx and coming out with it still pristine) and that's the only place I actually feared for my safety. Something wrong down there.

@ponch, to be fair I have been told by a good friend that when I come to visit my Sox gear must remain at home. She works triage in the ER in one of Philly's busiest hospitals and she has said that she can always tell when baseball season starts because they will inevitably have the opposing teams fans showing up with 'mysterious' injuries.

I think I have always taken this with a pinch of salt because I like to think better of people.
Maybe I'm also a bit spoiled because I lived in Seattle for so long and Mariners fans tend to be pretty laid back, cheery folk, up for a chat regardless which team's jersey you're sporting.

I know I always say this when the subject of Philly fans show up, but I loved it when they booed the car at the world series.

Papelbon is just an idiot - the 'first team to show me loyalty'. Um? You mean loyalty in the sense of a lot of money to throw the ball real hard?

And I still love that the Philly fans booed the car at the World Series.

Paps- You cant fix stupid.

For fun and a challenge, I am going to take a page from the lc school of thematic commentary, not specifically copying lc but generally working a theme. All comments from this particular crew member of this Ship of Fools will now be Grateful Dead references, lyrics, and such. Because I want to.

Beer cart??

Time for cheese steak cart. Maybe the combo of cheap grisly steak and generic cheese whiz will make me smarter.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

... Or Jeff,"Casey Jones,you better watch your speed" ;O

Bookended again ;))

Actually here is why...

Grateful Dead Concerts Are Like Baseball Games 

by David Gans

The following is the text of my famous Baseball Analogy as it appeared in The Official Book of the Deadheads (Grushkin-Bassett-Grushkin, Quill, 1983). It was modified somewhat from the text I submitted, and if I ever find the original I will replace this with that. -- D.G.

Grateful Dead concerts are like baseball games: no two are ever alike. The plays are always different, and there's always fresh hope. Sometimes the game's an all-timer even though individual performances are sloppy; sometimes everybody plays great but the team loses anyway.

Some people thrive on yesterday's moments, and aren't too keen on the way the game's played today. Some have only been fans since last year and don't care what happened way back when. You can cherish the great victories and triumphant seasons and chart them across decades, or you can go simply for the enjoyment of tonight and to hell with the standings. Like all the great teams, the Dead have their pennant years and bleak innings, perfect games and whippings, hits and foul balls, heroes and goats.

To many they're an institution, to some mere child's play, and to others the Grateful Dead is more or less an indispensable part of life. There are those who say the game's too slow, that the brief moments of action and excitement are too few and far between. Like "America's Favorite Pastime," the Dead are both celebrated and criticized, and some people will never see what's to enjoy.

Like big-league fans, Deadheads are as varied as the game is long. There are scorekeepers who record every detail for statistical analysis and a place in the Hall of Fame; camera buffs and video freaks; armchair umpires, die-hards, groupies. Some are bleacher bums who'd be in the stands no matter who was playing; and there are even spousal fans who go because if they didn't, they'd be left home alone. A lot of people attend because they've always gone and really don't care to stop.

It may take a few visits to grasp the subtleties, but if you let yourself into the flow of things, there's something to enjoy from the very first moment you're there. As the old saying goes, the mind believes what the mind believes: Grateful Dead is cerebral if you choose to analyze it, but it's basic and instinctive too. Like the game of baseball.

C'mon, Paps is and was fun, not stupid. The media blows it up to more than he meant. Have a little respect, he was on the mound for the final out in '07, and a few victories after that too.

Stabbed by Foulke, and now stabbed by Pap. Symmetry, you are a viscous bitch.

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