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A conscious choice

So what's worse than opening up the browsah and seeing a story headline "Catching up with Lackey"?


Seeing the byline "Dan Shaughnessy."


So is this a case of life following the rules of mathematics in which a negative times a negative equals a positive?


Ah, that would require actually reading the piece... I just don't have it in me, frankly.


I mean, yeah, yeah, Lackey is human, he probably all fucked up emotionally for a slew of valid reasons et cetera et cetera...


But as a fan, I'm under no obligation to interact.


So I chose to dissolve myself of John Lackey fully and absolutely.


Well, in the words of the great philosopher and mathematician Pascal, "Man's greatness lies in his power of thought."



I am 100% with you on Lackey, hb. Maybe we can introduce him to Joba's trampoline next?

...and in the words of Rene Descartes-I drink,therefore I am ;D

I hate to be that guy... but in the second-to-last slide "dissolve" should be "absolve", right?

Of course, "I dissolve myself of John Lackey" has a certain poetic charm to it. I would dissolve myself if I had to watch Lackey lose another 16 or whatever it was games for us this year. We have Daniel Bard for that, thankyouverymuch!

I received a Red Sox Team Store catalog in the mail yesterday. It seems the only names displayed on the shirts are Ells, CC, Pedroia, Gonzalez and Papi. Rather noticeable that no one from the chicken and beer brigade is displayed. Also need to commend CHB on his hard hitting journalism. Lackey's wife was battling cancer and he got divorced? Lackey, when queried, replied 'she turned me into a Newt'.

Dead on with today's strip. After seeing the headline and by-line I couldn't bring myself to read what amounts to two stupid dogs talking to each other. On another note...last night's WGBH/PBS Fenway at 100 special was OK but could have been worse...mercifully it didn't include the CHB.

Does that mean he was Newt-ered,Yaz ?? Sorry ;O

I read the article - totally worthless. Lackey did nothing wrong last year in his view, and the everything that went wrong with the Red Sox can be blamed on the media.

Go Sox,

"Dissolve" in this sense is being used the way you'd "dissolve a marriage", i.e, the fan/player compact has been formally severed, terminated, dismissed.

Yaz, he certainly acted like Newt in some respects. Lackey's an overpaid ass who shows up his manager and teammates and thinks he has no blame at all in his piss poor performance. Period. 2015 can't come soon enough. At least then he'll only be making league minimum to suck

I wish it was "dissolve" as in "put lye over the body so it will dissolve."

shouldn't you be concentrating on ice dissolving in a glass right about now, Bob?

How do you know she's a witch?
She turned me into a newt.
You do not look like one.
I got better...

Sox have a four game series with the White Sox at the end of April and I am trying to work up some enthusiasm. No luck so far.

Ah, I see it now. That's why you shouldn't let scientists anywhere near literary devices. We'll just try to take them apart to see how they work.

It's actually worth reading the article. Shank throws a few softballs at him about the chicken and beer thing and Lackey completely demolishes them. He calls out the bullshit the media spun on them at the end of the season and how he doesn't have a whole lot of trust in *anyone* listed as media appearing in the clubhouse. I was surprised Shank included the comments in the story, to be honest - Lackey's comments don't exactly paint the CHB in a favorable light. Any RS player's stock will rise, in my book, that's going to publicly castigate the CHB.

Amazing that Lackey would agree to sit down with the CHB, of all people! I thought the piece was interesting and actually began to have some empathy for Lackey. He's got some pride and 2011 was an awful year for him in so many ways. Wouldn't it be nice if he showed up next year and won 15 or 16 games for us! Could happen.

Sorry, but I still think Lackey is an ass clown for many reasons, not the least of which was his staring down Tito as he removed him from yet another slaughter. The audacity of pulling someone with the highest ERA in RedSox starter history!!

//Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt has announced an agreement to sell the bankrupt team for $2 billion to a group that includes former Lakers star Magic Johnson and former Atlanta Braves and Washington Nationals President Stan Kasten.//

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