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Winter Trees

Well, just anothah day in January... tasting the winds that are footless*


Waist-deep in misery.


With only the Oswalt rumors continuing to make their way around the interwebs to keep things interesting.


Yeah, but you'll notice you don't see much about it on SoSH, which makes me think there isn't a whole lot to these theories.


Reminds me... I'd be a whole lot more excited by Oswalt if his middle name was "Harvey."


"He was a quiet man...kept to himself."



"Shot up the middle by Ruby...oh, it hit Oswalt, and he's down."

But if his middle name was Harvey, he probably would have been the center fielder for the Astros instead.

The Duke :)

I was thinking Patton...might lighten things up in the clubhouse...unless he broke into his ratatouille impersonation. Might not help with the shape of the pitching staff but would improve the quality of the cuisine.

Cool murdering an Irish President reference.

I think things have reached a nadir.



The CHB was on Denver sports radio this AM. He really is a miserable SOB.

Considering the frequent references to the band "Dead Kennedys" as well as the several jokes re "grassy knoll" over the years, not sure that there is anything especially "nadir" extant in today's strip, but that, of course, is up to our ombudsman, lou clinton, to decide.

As long as he doesn't go straight to Spam ;O

Lighten up, hp

Is Lackey's middle name Harvey? He sure killed their chances for victory whenever he took the hill...

There's something about a woman in a blood-stained pink Chanel suit that I find hot. Nadir enough?

personally, I love dead president references, that was hp talking



Six - Now *that* was funny!

speaking of which, and here's a fact you don't know about me, yet, I have encountered (meaning "been in the same room with" every president since Eisenhower (look it up). I also met Herbert Hoover once, but I don't think that counts.



Holy Shit lou clinton's real identity is Helen Thomas!!!!!

In sharing today's blue * with my wife, she remarked, "If Zeus wanted to fuck me, he'd better appear in the form of Tom Brady, not a swan!

hilarious, hb

OMG hb, THAT was some funny shit

(nice effort by Bob too)

btw, do we even HAVE a nadir on this creepy knoll?

I used to have a nadir, but my friends told me the meat tasted good so we slaughtered it.

Those bastards were liars.

I once saw a guy working at a grocery store whose name-tag said Nadir. And, no shit, the grocery store was an Acme.

You know...I've been away for some time and I haven't a clue what's going on, but Jebus I missed this place.

Feels a bit like a warm blanket. Given to me by well-wishing Pilgrims. :)

Missed ya psuedo.

Nadir schmadir.

If you'all have been wondering where Glen Geffner is now talking too fast, follow this link:

This is a blog-spot where our lc cannot be silenced.

tnks for the cross-post SDU

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