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Up or down?

So Arturo, 90 wins for the Sox in 2012... are you going ovah or undah.


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:


Really? You're a hot dog half-left guy, eh?


For me let's just say that not only is the hot dog half-eaten but the onions and sriracha are stahting to form a queah glee club in my stomach.


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
Well, they were projected for what, 95 last year? And they undahperformed to 90?


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
The way I see it, losing Lackey for 2012 alone is good for 5 wins.




And you think the 2012 squad is at least as good as the chicken and beer swiggin September 2011 club?


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
Don't you?


Ah, pass me the horseradish and mayo and we'll see.



this shit is makin' me hungry. But, not for baseball.

lc SPAM lc

I do like me some grilled SPAM LC. A culinary habit I picked up during my 3.5 years in Hawaii.

Oh. 96 BTW. Take it to the bank. (Ironically, it's the same bank that John Henry has refused to withdraw from this off season.)

I like Arturo's reasoning re: Lacking. And we're without our Gold Glove (tm)left fielder too. That's gotta be worth a couple more wins. Anybody else catches that sinking liner during game 162 for example and ends it

Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about in September.

Jeff, if you are on here, today is the last day to get the discount Jazz Fest weekend package tickets. Sorry, I didn't come find you last year, but I was working will call, having Cyndi Lauper sign my daughter's shirt, and being personally serenaded by Sonny Rollins.

I'm in for 90+ wins this year. The absence of Drew has to be worth +2 also.

Leave the ovah, take the cannoli...

No Lackey, no Drew, no Crawford, hopefully healthy Youk & Bucholz back. 95 should be do-able

I'll take the under and 4th place in the division.

So, how about this Roberto Hernandez story? I mean Fausto Carmona. I mean Roberto Hernandez.

The over-under on his age is a moving target.


melancon should push the Sox over the top.

Anyone else planning to run the open marriage thing past their wife this weekend?

I don't bet on love or baseball, so I'm not willing to go one way or the other. But I'll certainly take a dog if someone's buying come October.

Yaz, that open-marriage things seems so 1970's...although apparently not in Connecticut: http://www.nbcconnecticut.com/news/local/SWINGERS-SHUT-DOWN.html

Who knew?! In Connecticut, the home of the Blue laws...and, only 40 miles down the road from me. Alas, it was shut down.

Maybe if Newt captures the nomination he will host a key party. Hopefully not in Windsor Locks.

CC not catching that liner was like a parent who intentionally misses an application deadline so their kid doesn't the get the "you have no chance to attend our school / be on our travel team / etc." letter. An unapreciated act of mercy, when you consider the likely playoff outcome.

I guess that article gives a new meaning to improper use of a "service bar".
What? Did they not form a line at the service bar?

Paging Boston Bob.....

He's probably in a meeting.

Just got out.

Well, Sunday I'll be at Gillette again, turning my already shredded vocal cords into something resembling spaghetti squash.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

whew! thanks Bob- I was just cracking into my personal beer cart and didn't want to abuse protocol or anything

Nola, just came up for air today. Holy shit what a busy day. Thanks for the heads up, will be charging the card yet again today for those tix. And you are fired! for not coming to find me last year, but seems you had proper excuses in order. Cant remember all I saw for lineup except that I am very happy to get to see Esperanza Spalding again - for those not in the know, check her out. Seriously.

I'll take the ovah. Embarassment, chip on their shoulder, and no Lackey should prove quite beneficial. I am willing to wager... the fuzz from my navel, nothing more.

If anyone else mentioned I missed it...

RIP Etta James. From back when they actually sang. No at last jokes either - that would be in bad taste. Wait, what?

I'll take the under. If we can smell the uninterest of management all the way out here, you can be sure the players smell it.

Wasn't 2011 a "bridge year"? If that's the case, the bridge was only half-finished, and we're driving off the end of the span now.

90 wins and a wildcard sounds about right. Replacing Lester with a stream of replacement-level fifth starters should net us a few extra wins, but people forget how well Beckett was pitching for most of last year. Will he do that again after all the "beer and chicken" BS we've been hearing about for months?

Jose Inglesias, come on down to take your beating.

sp lc am

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