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Time to chill

Wow, where does Cheringon keep finding these steals!?


Haven't you heard? Korea is the new Japan.


So now that the Pawtucket rostah is set, I think it's time staht packing for a little offseason R&R...


Let's see...

A meticulous spot poolside?
A Maltese with a pink bow?
A manish looking female companion?



And hat tip to da kine for the link to the Tanned Wonder.

That's quite an Adam's apple on that woman.

It seems to me the site is really stretching the definition of manly looking woman. I don't think that's a Manssiere she's wearing. :-)

Ah, Slappy...the gift that just keeps on giving

Agreed Dave. Though the big fake titties don't help her case all that much.

I was thinking more skanky than manly.

OK, see now this is the deal. You are correct that the woman in the photo isn't overly manly but just has an essence of the manly.

And that is the point. The silicon is overcompensation as in, "See, I'm not gay because why would a gay guy hang out with a woman with enormous titties? And the muscle definition and adam's apple? Oh, that's because she is into fitness, just like me and, you know,maybe takes a hormone shot here and there... I mean who doesn't? She's a she who wants to look a bit like a he, but there is nothing, nothing wrong with that. Am I right or am I right? Pet the doggie."

He does have a type, doesn't he? And you know he must be a total submissive in bed. Not that there's anything wrong with that...

Those quads certainly LOOK like they could crack his walnuts ;D

Natalie, you know Slappy's into get pegged...leagues beyond just 'submissive'.

I am such a sweet young innocent thing that I had to look up the definition of pegged, but.... TOTALLY, da kine.

So that guy in the Discover card commercials would be the pegger or the peggee??

Enquiring minds want to know -

When Slappy is standing nekkid in front of the full length mirror admiring his dork and manchick tries a reach around and he slaps (what else can he do) her hand away, was it because she was blocking his view or because her hands are not callused enough?

@Jeff-Dutch Rudder??

Maybe a backseat dutch rudder? Where manchick does the driving and he, being ever the master of his own universe, moves her arm?

Always knew he was a backseat driver ;D

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