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Making progress

Glad those days are long behind with the front office working ovahtime to bring in blue chips like Brad Emaus.


Are you fucking kidding me? I haven't been this excited since the Sox signed Tug Hulett.*


Speaking of excited tugs, the development of Internet-based sex toys continues apace.


"Afterwards, my finger smelled like lube."


So is that a bug or a feature?



I wonder if that sex toy is how A-Fraud stays in touch with Hal Steinbrenner during the off season.

um ya, that Brad guy. Anagram from Brad Emaus is

A Bard Muse

I don't know if that's hopeful or gay



Hat tip to COD for the link to the virtual dildo stuff.

You guys see this story about the woman with two vaginas?


When her boyfriend found out about her condition, he split.

I can only imagine where we are headed between now and truck day.

@yb if I don't hit a pole at 50 mph by then, I'd be shocked



or if you really want to go off the rails, kindly be advised that the new nickname for 3:16QB

wait for it


oh, you're welcome.



@hb pls check spam folder

lc - stick to anagrams and the occasional palindrome...

Oof! Big Tebowski?? :P

I readily admit my lack of knowledge in all things football (despite my mum being a huge fan and my g-pa almost playing for the Steelers way back when), but I will also readily admit my love for all things Jeff Bridges. I believe a robe wearing, white Russian swilling, carpet loving quarterback would be beyond awesome.

Does this gentleman partake in these activities? If so, he's alright in my book. :)

So will he be referring to his Lord and Saviour,as the "Big Dude" ??

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