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Just been waiting for the right time to work this in (pun intentional)

I'm not so much "negative" about how this offseason has played out as I am extremely *frustrated.*


I mean we're talking about the Boston Red Sox, the team a year ago that we were sitting around wondering how many games ovah 100 they'd win, a team with an ownership group and front office strategy committed mentally and financially to winning, a team that made one pull his shouldahs back, stick out his chin and say, "That's right, The Boston Fucking Red Sox. Believe it, bitches."


I dunno maybe I'm spoiled but I just expected a whole lot more than a team that "nevah had any intention of making any acquisition bigger than Bobby Valentine."


You know what this is like? It's like dating the hottest chick in town but despite your best efforts the relationship remains agonizingly platonic.


And you've got a blueballs ache so bad it's making your ears ring and yet you hang in there, hopeful, because, you know, she's the hottest girl in town and all.


Dude, it's actually worse than that.


It *is* like going out with the hottest girl in town but instead of the relationship being purely platonic, it's one in which occassionally, and seemingly arbitrarily, the hot chick is willing to yank out the strap-on and peg the shit out of you.


And you go along with it because at some primal level (that you'd rathah not think too much about) you kinda like it and, besides, you've convinced yourself that a chick this hot and this potentially perverse is worth being patient with.






Heh. So how 'bout that Tom Brady?



You just seriously messed with my head, H.B. Now all I can see is John Henry anally raping me with a strap-on he borrowed from Gisele as Lisa watches from the closet, bemused.

This is indeed one creepy site.


Here's hoping Brady doesn't wind up getting pegged by that Giants' D-line.

Extra helping of creepy today, h.b. Um, thanks, I think...

We choose to go to the creepy not because it is easy, but because it is hahd.

I laughed, uncomfortably...

Is it true that Jamie Lee Curtis is the new special assistant to the GM?

In case you missed it. The Onion. A nice Boston theme, esp. on the RS. Not sure I want to contribute to the current topic.

Unfortunately, having worked night shifts at the ER, TMI situations like the last few panels are all to common - you would be AMAZED at what people tell you when they think they could die...Doug, is there something you need to talk about?

Epstein is dead!

(Juan, on Welcome Back Kotter.)


The Rockies owner said, "I want that tough little bald guy who hits the ball all the time"...classic

"but in their defense the Red Sox don't have names on their jerseys"...well played Onion

GOOMF is funner than anything on TV except Community.

Latest news: "Sox not close to deal with Jackson."

So back to platonic today, not even any pegging action.

Or if there is pegging going on today, Ben C. must have the strap-on on backwards.

Wasn't Al Bundy's wife named Peg?? That explains a lot ;O

Isn't this more like asking that hot chick to stick a 10-penny nail down your peehole right before you climax and you accidentally poop on her brand new carpet?

es beisbol
el no es puto culo en el béisbol

s lc pam

No hb, you're wrong...there is pegging going on today and it is we who are being collectively pegged by the Sox.

And we're back ... creepy just never goes out of style.


Swell pegging reference. Here is an interesting wiki entry which assists in deciphering the ***SPAM*** emanating from the surly but lovable lc:


I just knew I'd have a Friday meeting, and guess what? I pegged it.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

h.b hits one over the big lights, and then pseudo picks up the ball and starts jumpin' on the car hoods on the upper deck.

Gettin' the 10d nail pic out of my head is gonna take awhile.

HB, how long was that festering in your melon waiting for the "right time to work this in"?
Good Lord, man. Hope you are feeling better now that your minions reel.

qi shi wo he shi shi yi qian jiu jian guo

Easy for him to say.

Fuckin lc

Oh, I forgot to mention thar @glenngeffner is now on Twitter
Serious comments only, please.

And , go.


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