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It can and does happen

Anyone read this Boston Magazine piece on the innah workings of the Red Sox from a formah PR guy?


Yeah, some fun tidbits, particularly that paht about Noman and Shuttlenauts.


Best paht for me was that stuff on John Henry's carousing.


Yeah, this illustration is priceless.


I want it as a friggin wallpapah on my monitor.


I confess that the leg the one in the red is showing sorta stahts to the stir the sap in my maple.


For me it's the esoterically erotic detail of the mole on her left breast.


Is it wrong to be so titillated by a cartoon image?


No, it's not wrong, but it is creepy.


Hmmm... that sounds oddly familiah.



What you can't see in that illustration is Lisa on her knees in front of John Henry. Can't blame the woman; he offered her a full time job operating the 5-button PC on his yacht.

You have to realize that anything those young ladies whisper into his ears gets amplified to 90 dbHL.

Nomar is a moon landing denier? That doesn't speak well of the education he got at Georgia Tech!

"Turface" is my new favorite word.



I went to read a Soxaholix strip and walked into an episode of Community.

As my grandfather always said, "Watch out for the quiet ones...it is always the quiet ones!"

Or if you prefer:
John Henry was a steel drivin' man...I'd like to drive some steel with those two!

any chance we could see Mr Henry become a semi-regulah character here? No? how about the lady in red and Ms Pizzuti then? we can start a collection to pay the copyright fees

It's too bad Jurassic Carl wasn't around to discuss the moon landing with Nomar.

Recent Buster Olney tweet: "Manny Ramirez plans to work out for teams later this month, in an effort to sign with an MLB team." I'd take him back!

The Devil, they say, is in the details.

As smart as John Henry is, an even smarter gentleman is puzzled by the heavenly bodies orbiting JH in that illustration..


Bailey used an awful lot of words to say not much.

I like Buckner's idea. Linda's pretty hot.

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