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Gnome field advantage

The Yankees sign Michael Pineda and Hiroki Kuroda and we countah bysigning anothah "hey, who knows, we could get lucky!" guy to a minah league contract.


Hey, c'mon now, when Padilla is healthy he's good for roughly league average performance. And if there's one thing that swells the gourd it's league average performance.


Really, you just can't collect enough of these low risk high reward guys to put in Pawtucket red and have ready to get the call to do battle in the Show.


Seriously. Our 6th thru 9th stahtahs are gonna kick the asses of your 6th thru 9th stahtahs!


Fear us.



Pineda and Kuroda both have serious flaws. One can't pitch worth a shite on the road, the other had a no trade clause to any east coast team (read: doesn't want to deal with the intensity). But I guess money talks.

In any case, I'd take either one over Padilla, whose nickname appears to be Dee El.

"The Roaming Gnomes"??

and our fourth string captain catcher can throw out fewer runners than anyone else's 4th stringer too. Fear us, indeed

I'm so uninspired by what's happening with the Sox that I have nothing to say about any of it.

But that link in the last frame is both frightening and hilarious.

Gnome-man's land?

At least we have the Pats still playing. I'm not looking forward to their season ending and having to spend more of my time thinking about the Sox and the lack of any significant positives coming out of Fenway. Sigh.

Bring back Gnomar?

Can we just skip 2012 and move forward to 2013?

When I saw this on Dlisted today, I thought for sure it would make it into the strip, but perhaps I am stealing thunder from tomorrow? Hilarious.


Can we just re-sign Wakefield for 1/2 a year? That seems to be his limit for actual productivity.

After the i-GNOME-inious way the season ended and the cold as GNOME, AK hot stove season, it was only a matter of time until the gnomes appeared.

I gnome mind it. It's more interesting than the rs bullpen.

Spam, etc.

Carl Crawford just had arthroscopic surgery on his left wrist.

The jokes are too easy.

I blame the open stance

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