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Gather ye sap buckets

Well, here's the news we've been waiting for:

On Wednesday, Jon Heyman of CBS Sports reported that the Red Sox have offered free agent pitcher Roy Oswalt a contract.


Yeah, though same story suggests Oswalt would prefer to pitch in Texas or California.


Yeah, I had no idea Oswalt was such a pussy.


Somebody needs to send Warren Buffett's secretary ovah there to slap some friggin sense into him.


Talk about missing the memo.


Yeah, how dare the Red Sox make moves without allowing us fans sufficient time to wallow, bitch, moan, second guess and gnash our teeth?


I feel so neglected an unloved.


John Henry bettah be picking out a seriously nice scarf to make up for this breach of the relationship.



The Boston Red Sox were able to free up over $7 million in cap space after dealing Marco Scuatro to the Colorado Rockies late last week. ?Cap space?

Anyone else think they're saying they prefer Jackson so the sting of Oswalt rejection won't hurt so badly?

Scarf? Yeh - I got your scarf right here. A Liverpool scarf - they tied last nite 2-2, and will advance.


I don't know if Lee Harvey is a puss. He probably just wants to pitch in warm weather so that rubber band of an arm doesn't snap.

Or, given the shelf life of that rubber band arm, he sees that his odds of making the postseason this year look better with Angels or Rangers than with the Sox

Or, he just finds Ben C. really creepy. You know, because he kinda is.

I know this is contrary to the negativity train that this site has been on for a while but getting Edwin Jackson would be great.

Roy Oswalt
Patton Oswalt
George C. Patton
George Washington
Washington Irving
Julius Irving
Julius Pepper
Pepper Rodgers
Roy Rodgers
Roy Oswalt

lc, spam

Looks like I picked the wrong season to quit sniffing glue.

Ok, I can't resist:

"Lee Harvey, you are a madman. When you stole that cow, and your friend tried to make it with the cow. I want to party with you, cowboy."

C'mon, it would be fun just for that, right?

As the Warm Dutch Oven season gets smellier, John Henry looked perfectly content at Anfield on Wednesday night. He still has some stuff to learn; like the fact that the League Cup (Carling) don't matter and the words to You'll Never Walk Alone:

It's fitting that the Liverpool song is from a creepy musical set in New England.

I am constantly learning form this site. A few weeks ago I learned what 'pegging' is (as, surprisingly, did Natalie) and now I learn that You'll Never Walk Alone was originally set it Maine. Tnx.

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