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Evidently the whole GM thing is harder than it looks

Cody Ross! C'mon down, you're the next contestant on the Red Sox Price the Plight!


Dudes, tell me we didn't just trade Scutaro for Cody Ross?!?!


Hey, quit your bitchin.... what you're witnessing is a new, groundbreaking strategy coming to fruition — trade a perfectly viable starting position player to strengthen your bench!


Oh, right — "Stoneyball!"


I can't wait for the movie. Russell Brand plays the much maligned but always happy GM.


And cast that Indian dude from the Whitecastle movies to play his plucky assistant.



'Price the Plight'. Good one, hb. I wish I knew WTF this team was/is trying to accomplish with these moves.

The only positive I can find is that Ross is decent against lefties. Not great. Decent.

And he has a wimpy name. There, I said it.

He had one hell of a half of a season in 2007. But don't worry, Bobby V has a way of discovering hidden talent. Coincidentally, most of the talent on the 2012 roster is well hidden.

riveting moves.

sp lc am

I hope Cherington's middle and end games are stronger.

PTI but I don't have Jeff's email. Eddie Vedder, Mystikal and Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band added.

somehow I think Jonah Hill finds his way on screen for this sequel.

BTW - Is Dante Bichette still available?

heh-he said hard.

On the plus side, I don't have to stare at a certain Yankee catchers double chins anymore. So I got that going for me anyway.

By the way, "Stoneyball" made me smile.

Can we officially refer to this as The Tepid Steam Tray season?

@ Bob: or the luke dutch oven?

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