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Et in Arcadia ego

OK. This just may be the slowest non-holiday baseball news days evah.


Sigh. Seems like only yestahday when we were the ones making headlines for signing the hottest pitcher in Japan.


The first shall be last and the last shall be first.


And in the middle the firsts and a lasts pay a $50 million posting fee.



232 innings last year? 1000+ in the last 5? Many NL or AL pitcher done that lately? I mean: is he a monster like Sabathia?
They do wear them out. Anyone else foresee one good year, one crappy year and then Tommy John?

Yes, urm, he is a monster.

No, not Mothra. He is Gigan, possessing the ability to fly (from Japan), to teleport (from karaoke clubs), to activate an abdominal buzzsaw (like his countryman, Kobayashi), and to shoot beams out of his eyes (like Beckett when questioned about eating chicken in the dugout).

Of course, we could just call him the Whirling Darvish.

Can he actually throw strikes or does he just like to nibble at the corners?

Just as long as he doesn't bring those singing fairies with him.

When is the next World Baseball Classic? He'll be Godzilla-like there I'm sure.

Finally watched Moneyball last night. It is obvious it is Ben Cherington's favorite movie.

I'm still waiting to see the Gyroball.

Fans of the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters are anxiously waiting for their heated toilet seats

Did the Rangers learn from the hapless Dice-K deal and ask if Yu will learn t eat american food, speak a couple words in english, and stop bitching about this not being Japan? Or do they maybe not even consider someone might not like brisket?

I, too, saw Moneyball last night on the way home from business meeting (thanks JetBlue) I like the part about John Henry not having a clue as to what to get his secretary...but the Boston Magazine article expose' gave that scene a whole new meaning!

Happy payday to you
Happy payday to you
Happy payday, dear Yu
Happy payday to you

@ Yazb: friend of mine in Japan sez "he not much at nibbling at corners, but he pure hell slurping at the Narthex."

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