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Dim Sum

Whenevah people staht going on about how the Chinese are going to rule the world soonah rathah than latah, I say don't give up on the inherent toughness of the next generation of Americans...


And then I staht wondering if it's too late to learn Mandarin.


Hey, don't be making fun of Big Bri's cousin, Ty.


So looks like Oswalt is going to St. Louis. Or maybe Texas. But in any case not Boston.


Yeah, but the Patriots are in Indy and Belichick made a funny.


As the fortune cookie says, "Happy news is on its way to you."



It was probably easy for that kid to bury himself in his mother's arms. Not so easy digging his way out though.

We just watched "Moneyball". I had no idea that Brad Pitt was the reason the Red Sox won the WS in 2004. Thank you Hollywood for educating me.

No, Scott, it was the fat dude from Super Bad who won the World Series for the Sox. Brad Pitt was just his front man.

I speak un peu of Madarin. You would be surprised how it's patterns mimic English business speak with questions answering on high notes.
lc the kingofspam

Doug has to retort the fortune with the words "...in bed." Them's the rules.

Given how us actual fans feel about the rudderless dutch frigate known as the Redsox Organization, why would any free agent want to come here. Fuck off players who dont care enough to win, manager gone, douchebag in his place, and no direction whatsoever out of a seemingly dysfunctional front office with a signing budget fit for a small town high school and an infatuation with washed up bench warmers. The Patriots doing well doenst fix a god damn thing. Happy Monday.

Pats win SB. B's repeat in Cup. And then we have to wait for the Pats to report to training cap to enjoy sports again.

Jeff - Nice summary of the current State of the Red Sox Union. I wish you were overstating things but I'm afraid not. Sigh.

Remain calm, all is well. Remain calm, all is well!

Sorry - I watched Animal House over the weekend. Making sure my son has a strong foundation in the classics.

I am hoping to be able to remain calm as I did not pick this year to stop sniffing glue.

I picked a great time to continue drinking...

Jenny Dell is the new Heidi.

"Holy teeth and cleavage Batman! She stole the Joker's smile!"

Is the Jenny Dell announcement designed to attract free agents?

What! Theo leaves for Chicago and everyone in the front office becomes instantly stupid? Oh, ye of little faith.

She looks a bit like my ex-real doll. She left me after I started seeing a blonde.

Not my type

Can't you just see her asking the Soxaholix fans, "Why so serious?"

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