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Consume this

You know, thank Christ the amateurs, poseurs, bloggahs, tweetahs, and othah assorted hacks haven't totally driven the professional journalists out of business...


I mean where else but in the hallowed, J-school graduate produced pages of old school institutions like the Boston Globe are we going to get the hahd hitting, investigative, behind-the-scenes nuggets like this —

"We were worrying about things that we shouldn’t have been worrying about and not playing the game of baseball," said Youkilis.


Ah, "worried" about what othah "things"?


"What othah things?" Well look at the balls on you...


What are you some sort of Jeremiah Wright obsessed muckraking misanthrope or something?


Look. If the the Boston Globe wanted you know about these alleged "othah things," then they would have told you about it.


You are a news consumah. So you just sit back, shut up, and consume what your journalistic bettahs privilege you with.


That's the way it's always been. It's for you own friggin good, too.



All the news that print to fit.

It's called yellow journalism because it's pissy.

Same as it ever was...

This is why traditional journalism is dying (and I'm not that concerned about it). It used to be about access: journalists could get to the stories because they were let inside the front lines, or forced their way in. Now, that insider access is turned to spin, used by organizations to get their side through... OR, more interestingly, with the proliferation of other media (particularly social media), the need for access has been completely obliterated as the story makes itself known directly from/through the protagonists or front-row observers. My favorite thing nowadays is when traditional news sources basically just regurgitate a Twitter feed... way to find yourselves completely obsolete, eh?

Love the accidental extra N in my psuedonym. Makes me feel like a character in The Artist, or Amelie or something...

I imagined you living in an old house in Paris all covered with vines.

Is that the house or I, covered in vines? :)

Fitting that Cody Ross was given uniform #7 given his 2011 stats (.240/14/52). Very Drew-like.

Nice, h.b. I'd almost forgotten about Jeremiah Wright and these other matters of national security the news media once made sure we knew about. At least we've still got you.

Nataline == Natalie covered ONLY in vines... might even be better then a teal sundress.

WAY better than Miss Havisham covered in cobwebs ;D

I confess I'm rather titillated by the whole "Natalie in the Vines" imagery... I'm picturing something with the look/feel of a Renaissance master, Leonardo, perhaps, or maybe a Titian.

I'd forgo the vines and opt for a nun's habit a la Miss Clavel.

From Sunday's Simpsons:

Dark Ages Homer: "Marge, you seem tense. We should take a vacation to southern France."

Dark Ages Marge: "We LIVE in southern France!"

Youkilis: "Qu'est-ce que c'est."

"Journalism? We ain't got no journalism. We don't need no journalism. I ain't got to show you no stinking journalism!"

ha ha. h.b. said "Titian".

If the hard-hitting journalist had asked Youk what those "other things" were, do you really think he would have divulged what they were? Methinks not.

Looks like VMart is done for the season. Finally the gods favor us.

I always thought what made a journalist good was getting people to say more than they should... but if one still can't get anything out of the interviewee at least tell us so ala "When pressed, Youkilis chose not to answer what those 'other thing' might be."

I met and chatted with KY once. Didn't have him "pegged" as a reader.


um, spam

Thanks, LC. I even like Sirachi on spam.

Well, speaking for those of us living in one or another of the hinterlands, I would kill to be able to sit down with a cup of Maui coffee and a hard copy of the Globe every morning.

@Jimloomis if you lived here, you would know that the Globe blows goats. #sorrycooper

Ok, I am just entertaining myself at this point

It's actually pretty funny.

Spa Lc m

Don't judge me.

Also, I would like to mention in the most respectful way possible, that #glenngeffner is now on the twittah.
Thanks, and God Bless

lc, you're hilarious, provocative and profound. And we all care!!.sdu

I'm sorry, but I must confess my Rorschach response to Nataline was Chuck Berry.

Should I be concerned?

But I do think 'Nataline' has a certain je ne sais quoi air of exotica about it - and I would roll with it. Some things were meant to be.

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