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Congrats to Pats... meanwhile, back at the Fens

So while the Patriots are reminding everyone exactly what it means to peak at the right time and doing all they can to continue making Boston the true Titletown of the Entiah World...


The Red Sox traded Marco Scutaro to the Rockies for Clay Mortensen.


Hey, now, chin up... rest assured Ben Cherington is "doing a lot of math" ovah there and shit.


Seriously. What's the friggin square root of zero?


So nobody is buying the meme that the Scutaro trade was really about freeing up money to go aftah Oswalt?


Well, it's like this. I'm too broke to buy that meme because I spent all my cash buying the meme that Lucchino and Henry wanted to rid themselves of Theo and now don't really have a friggin clue.



Lowrie and now Scutaro. Guess the SS position will be held down by a trio (two scrubs and a rookie).
Huge Pats fan, but did they "win" yesterday, or just "survive" yesterday. Hopefully Tom is back on top of his game in two weeks! Boy, I hate to see a Manning back in the Super Bowl!

I heard that Scutaro was a real clubhouse guy, hilarious and everybody's favorite. Seems to be sending a message to trade that guy, huh? I am envisioning an 80win season, but since I just booked a week in St Lucia I am in too good a mood to complain.

In case anyone missed it, Jim Nance gooched Cundiff just before the kick.

I hope these guys aren't paying too much for a meme- there are tons of them floating around the intertoobs for free!

Damn shame about Scutaro. Always struck me as a real team player, kept his head down, played hard, etc. I'll feel much better if that freed up cash turns into Oswalt but at this point I'm still scratching my head trying to figure out just what the front office is trying to accomplish.

Recovering from yesterday's Pats game. No voice. Liquid braino. Viggo Mortensen?

While the Pats didn't play their best yesterday, the Giants shit the bed even worse. If it weren't for that poor special teams dude muffing the one punt and fumbling the other, it would be the 49ers going to Indy.

Also, fuck all Mannings. Eli, Payton, Bradley...the whole fucking clan. Fuck 'em.

You capture the Scutaro trade quite eloquently. The square root of zero...

I'm already having nightmares about living in a world where Eli Manning has beat Tom Brady in the Super Bowl, twice.

at least it's not baseball. Imagine if we had nothing fun to yak about (i.e. looking forward to *uck Day)?

sp lc am

I think I'm the only one who came out of that Pats game with any confidence. Baltimore, possibly the best defense in the league, took away the one thing we thought the Pats absolutely needed to win (Brady throwing TDs), and the Pats defense clamped down when they had to. Houston (Second best defense in the league) held Baltimore to 20 points. Pats' supposedly second-worst defense in the league held Baltimore to 20 points. Seems like the Defense is finally coming together, the non-Brady offense can grind out just enough, and do you think Brady's going to get shut down two weeks in a row?

Or maybe I'm just drinking that Bellichick kool-aid. Or maybe I'm still drunk from Sunday night. It's possible.

also: At what point does it become okay to call in a hit on Bernard Pollard? I know some people who know some people ...

Bernard Pollard? Is that the Safety Dance?

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