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Boston Robbed

Well, here's someone who thinks the Cody Ross signing was total friggin awesomeness—

"5 Reasons Cody Ross Was a Masterful Addition for Right Field"


Yeah, but who's the source? Ben Cherington's mom?


Hey, how's that Roy Oswalt signing coming along?


Ain't happening today, ain't happening tomorrow, ain't happening nevah... Unless po' John-John Henry can find a way for Warren Buffet's secretary to pay the Red Sox luxury tax.


Christ, now I know how Uggie the Dog feels... We're getting friggin robbed ovah heah.



//Ross isn't the type of guy who's going to hit 30 home runs and drive 100 runners home. But the Red Sox don't need that guy.//

Evidently, we also don't need the pitcher who can win 15-20 games, the reliever who can save 30, or the front office that can sign them.

...or a guy who can play shortstop.

Yeah, but he's a good clubhouse guy. *SO* important when you've got "stiffs" like Beckett, Lester and Bucholz around. WTF??!?

H.B., where ever do you find this stuff?

haven't felt that much spin since they shut down the gravitron at Rocky Point.

"Ross also has a career fielding percentage of .988, which is above the league average of .983"

Maybe he'll be fine. Maybe not with a dumb forced nickname like "Ross the Boss". But if he's effective, how long until you see vendors selling "Like a Ross" t-shirts?

The upcoming season is dead to me.

I'm kinda with you Yaz...

Only I feel like someone in a coma who can hear the doctors saying they're going to start using me in medical research by grafting a duck's bill to my anus.

That depends, pseudo. How much did the duck owe? *nyuck nyuck nyuck*

You'll all be eating those words when we start playing a magical season like the Rays did a few years ago with scrubs and scrapeheap redeemers! You'll all be sorry then, boyo!

Yeah. Detroit gets Prince Fielder. We get Cody Ross... Welcome to opposite-ville. No, I'm going to be optimistic. I hear Ross has fans. I got an e-mail about how entertaining his "tinkerbell hop" is. I don't really know what that means.

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