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Be that as it may

So in his WEEI interview, Theo Epstein called the Red Sox situation "completely repairable."


Yeah, well, I'm sure George Bush says the same thing about the economy.


And that's all I've got for Sox talk.


Seriously. I got so bored last night that I stahted streaming Downton Abbey just to see what all the fuss is about.


Really! And so what is all the fuss about.


Well, it's like this...


Strip away the period trappings of elaborate Edwardian Era costumes and sets and it's basically Keeping Up with the Kardashians.


Ah, rich chicks and dicks.


There it is.



Aw, they're being too hard on my beloved Downton Abbey (the comparision to the contemptible and worthless Kardashians made me recoil in horror- I need a life). The Earl isn't a dick, Matthew isn't a dick, Bates isn't a dick, the social mores of the day are fascinating and you can't strip away the period trappings- they are kinda the whole point. It's softcore porn for anglophiles and hopeless romantics. I love it so much I want to take it behind the middle school and get it pregnant.

I tried the DA thing, I really did. But, uh, no. Just no.

I'll stick with The Tudors and of course,The Doctor.

Chicks and Dicks made me think of my prepubescent favorite TV show - Charlie's Angels...all 3 of them are still in my nostalgic "bull pen"

in re: DA

Daisy is a problem.




Multiple meanings for "dick" here... i.e., those DA chicks need to maneuver dicks/men to keep their cash fortune intact and for social acceptance...

Speaking of Charlies Angels...I had the red Farrah poster on the wall of my bedroom back then. I was 9 or 10 years old. I'm not sure if my parents were really that cool, or just not paying attention.

Fair 'nuf, hb, I see your meaning now. I think the red haze over my vision that appeared after DA was compared to the Kardashians obstructed my ability to read nuance into language. :)

I must be broken. All I can think of when someone says period trappings are maxipads. I hope you are all equally cursed now.

What has been read cannot be unread. I am cursed. Thanks so much, Kaz.

On an unrelated note, can we all agree that it's time for the "Shit X Say" meme to die?

The whole being greater than the sum of its parts...Sometimes its the strip, sometimes its the comments.

This time it is Kaz.

Natalie, I agree except I am still a big fan of Shit I Say. Although the lack of oversight on that one gets me in trouble from time to time.

Shit I say gets me in trouble EVERY day.

Late to the dance. Lady Mary Crawley played easier than a Kardashian for Kamul Pamuk. 'nuff said. And Bob - heads up, there is a meeting at 4:35 today.

"Sometimes it's the strip, sometimes it's the comments." So true, Jeff, so true. That said, I'm going with Yossarian for today: "What has been read cannot be unread."

No, Yazbread, but there were meetings from 10:30 until about a minute ago.

Tomorrow I'll be at Gillette with binoculars looking for sixes on Tebow's body.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Shouldn't the second panel read, "Isn't that what Obama says about Solyndra?"

It is absolutely, positively not Tebow time.

Go Packers.



Okay, so I'm guessing some people actually get today off.

Sort of - but went into work anyways. Foxboro update Bob?

Posted this on my Facebook, but figured some of you might find it humorous in lieu of a new comic today:

Brace yourself for this year's Super Bowl theme with my handy dandy guide:

1) Patriots vs Giants: Can Brady redeem Super Bowl 42 by beating Eli Manning?
2) Ravens vs 49ers: Brother Bowl! Can Harbaugh redeem himself by beating Harbaugh?
3) Patriots vs 49ers: Brady faces his second Harbaugh in a row! Can Harbaugh redeem his family's name?
4) Ravens vs Giants: Super Bowl 35 rematch! Can Eli redeem the Giants?

So, I think we can all agree that this Super Bowl is going to be one of redemption, one way or another. Every single team can somehow be portrayed as the poor lovable loser who is up against a 10-ton behemoth. It's not as if both teams in the Super Bowl achieved greatness in their conference to get there...there's going to be a clear Goliath and a hastily portrayed David to slay him in the week of coverage leading up to the game. I guarantee it.

Oops! I got up today with the day off and my mind completely remained in "Sunday" mode and I totally spaced putting up a "day off, no strip" notice.

Truth be told, yesterday (the real Sunday) I figured I'd write/publish a strip like any given Monday but... short term memory loss and all.

Sorry... until tomorrow then!

Meantime, catch up on Downton Abbey Part I & Part II. (BBC spoofs)

Yazbread. It was like watching very fast men compete against boys with short legs. Oh, and it was damn cold, especially if you were out there for 10 hours like some idiots (me). Not as cold as the Shiver Bowl against the Titans, but COLD.

Are you going to the Ravens game, Bob?

Yes I am, SDU.

I'm home-Anything fun to yak about yet???

I'm jealous! We could yak about what Bob is going to marinate this week for his stupid tail-gate. And what wines would go well with the same.

I get all discombobulated when US/UK bank holidays don't match up. Regular programming resuming in 3...2...1...

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