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Aaron Cook, c'mon down...

We're stocked with castoffs in Pawtucket


Seems Ben likes to piss in a minor league bucket


It reeks of a small-mahket plan
Says our curly-haired boyfriend man


So furl your 2012 pennant
and fuck it



If CHB is deriding the plan that improves its standing from my POV.

"Furl you!"

"Looks like I'm furled."

"What the furl?"

"Where the furl are we?"

"Furl, that hurt!"

Yep. The word works just fine.

"Your Majesty! You look like the piss boy!"

It's times like this I like to go to an old standard: "Lower the bar, damn it, lower the bar!"

Thank you Denver. 50 words or less.

Nice Turface


The ending of that football game was up there with Chambliss's home run.

Agree w/ Pinto. I can't remember being that excited about a sporting event that didn't involve a Boston team in a long, long time.

As for the Sox, Bob's what the furl? is spot on.

2nd time in a week that a post with the word t*u*r*f*a*c*e didn't get posted. what's that about


both these went into spam. not sure why...

lc said:
Nice Turface lc
Reply | Edit | 39 minutes ago on Aaron Cook, c'mon d…

lc said:
"Turface" is my new favorite word. etymologically, lc
Reply | Edit | 4 days ago on It can and does hap…

FYI there are *tons* of l.c. comments in the spam folder I'm just seeing now. Again, not sure why.

For some reason TypePad has put a scarlet letter on l.c.

I'll remember to keep an eye on it moving forward.

I'm just sayin'. Better option than Andrew Miller, I'm guessing.

Sorry, I'm much more likely to unfurl things.

that explains where my sunset rental went

Hall of Fame:

-Barry Larkin
-Ron Santo (Golden Era Committee)
-Tim McCarver (Ford Frick Award for Broadcasting)
-Bob Elliott, Toronto Sun (J.G. Taylor Spink Award for baseball writing)

Pittsburgh has the terrible towels. Denver should market the Tebow Shrouds

In Tokyl, people don't talk on their stupid cell 'phones on the subway. Or, I suspect, drink mega-lattes.

McCarver? Good grief!

I guess I deserve it.



Yeah, sdu, McCarver.

Well, at least the Frick award has three letters right.

Hahaha! lc - the Hester Prynne of the Soxaholix community. Don't know why that strikes me as so funny, but it does.

I guess I always viewed lc more in the Roger Chillingworth mold.

I can't read, so I don't ger the funny joke.


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