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A franchise opportunity

You know you're really in the midst of an effed up bizarro Red Sox world when the most recent news item in the Globe's Sox blog opens up with

"Theo Epstein accomplished something pretty big yesterday…"




It's gonna get bettah, right? I mean it has too.


Without a doubt. But in the meantime, I can't help but think, considering what we've been eating since September, that now is the time to for me put together an investor pitch on my idea to import this restaurant concept to Boston.


Perfect. And I know just what to call the place.


Yeah, what's that?


"Pesky's Bowl"



Henry's John?

The Theo story reminds me that there's still the issue of compensation. Sort of forgot about that. With the way things are going, we'll get Carl Sandberg's body to play right field.

Save me a choclate log! ;O

...or is that a Baby Ruth??

The Sox will be lucky to get Ron Santo's feet.

Down in NY, it'd be NYY Stool.

Brings new meaning to Poo Poo Platter.

That's one of the most bazarre things I've seen recently, next to the realization yesterday that John Henry was club-hopping a few years ago, of course. I don't know which thing repulses me more.

Special of the day: a bushel of Cleveland Steamers

Excuse me miss, If I bring my own toilet bowl of corn, will you heat it up for me?

After reading some of these comments, I'm not going to eat out of a toilet bowl for at least three or four days.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Let's yak about peanuts and corn ;)

fine, but I draw the line at being expected to poop on a table in the bathrooms.

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