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The "uh-oh", the "wet", the "forced", the "whisper"...

I think Larry Baseball gets this one right — 10 years for Pujols is a majah commitment.


Look, it's like this. If the good Lord had wanted us to have Pujols, he'd have given us more than one Poo Hole.


"It's alimentary, Dr. Leiter."*


Ok, guys, the 4th grade called and they want their puerile scatology back.


Yeah, well, you tell the 4th grade that if it doesn't watch it I'm gonna come ovah there and make faht sounds until it laughs so hahd milk comes its nose.



Will Pujols be worth it if the Angels win one championship? Or do they have to win multiple rings to make it a good deal? Depends I guess. Before 2004, I'm sure the Red Sox would have spent over $250 million on one player if you'd told them he'd guarantee a ring. But a lot of Skankee fans believe A-Fraud's a bust even though they've already won one with him. Of course, A-Fraud's a whining girly douchebag.

Amen. Giggle. I do enjoy some poo hole and faht jokes. With a house full of sons, i feels right at home. Oh, and if you really want to piss off the Mrs, next time you have to faht, walk by her, grab her hand and hold it against the out door and release the hounds. Then run.

Sometimes, just for fun, I'll let a real stinky Hunter's Stew fart go in bed, then staple the comforter around Abby. It's like watching a honey badger go wild.

Bob - it's called a Dutch Oven.

Tuesday morning, my 7 y.o son says to me "Dad can you spell ICUP" I oblige and he just laughs and laughs. It is just going to get better and better.

Yazbread, that's what it's called without the stapling. I call my version the Crock Pot.

"I fart...therefore I am" ;O

this feels like a "sign a bunch of inexpensive free agents and hope one of them catches fire" kind of year. Is Pokey Reese still playing?

With $35 million in starting pitching out for the year due to TJ surgery, Young Ben's options are limited. Moving Bard to the rotation means we will need a closer and a set up man, in addition to a 5th starter. This time last year I was thinking can't miss World Series, now I'm thinking 3rd place in the AL East again (but with new rules we get a one-game playoff with the other wild card, maybe).

Nicely played reverse gooch, Steve.

Bob - has that 4:00 Friday afternoon meeting reared its ugly head yet?

No, but I have a 3:00 meeting I'm about to go into.

Fascinating meeting. About a treatment for Peyronie's Disease. I wonder why they have me working on it though.


Way OT, but this why some people shouldn't be allowed to reproduce (from San Jose Mercury News, emphasis added):

"Golden State Warriors guard Charlie Bell was jailed Thursday in his hometown of Flint, Mich. after showing up to court legally drunk for a hearing on his drunken driving case, ABC 12 (WJRT-TV) reported.

Bell, 32, spent a few hours in custody when a PRE-SCHEDULED alcohol assessment test before his case Thursday showed his blood-alcohol level was .09. The legal limit is .08."

@Bob, the article says they can't explain the connection between Peyronie's disease Dupuytren's contracture (thickening of the palms); it seems pretty obvious to me...

Bob,We just used to call it "a shanker"

Maybe you could tie it in with "he who must not be named"

Steve, Dupuytren's is actually "claw hand" (one or two of the fingers bent down toward the palm). That would actually make it more difficult to create a curve in other body parts.

Anyway, should be interesting.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to jack about, I mean yak about on Monday.


Bob, will the treatment last longer than 4 hours? Just wondering

Happy Birthday SDU!!

does the clock run backwards down under too?

Hey, thanks. I celebrated by going to watch a tres weird show (out of your great country I think) called star wars burleque:


Pretty funny actually.

And the sand creature was HOT.

Happy birthday, SDU!

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