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Sudden onset

Your omniscient author in absentia:
Went to bed with a fever of 101, woke up with fever of 103 and sh-sh-shaking... No strip today.

*Update Weds 12/14 a.m.: Much improved, fever down, but the malaise remains... hope to return tomorrow. (P.S. Shoppach?)



Feel better!!

Get well soon!

Uh-oh. Take care hb!

I recommend cowbell, H.B.

Get well.

Hope you feel better!

Damn, HB is taking the non-tender of Rich Hill hard.

Two dropped eggs on toast.

Take your run ration and get some sleep.

I meant rum...

Dennis Leary recommends NyQuil, but anything with Tylenol, 20% alcohol and an antihistamine will work!

Berocca always works for me

Too much fried chicken and beer in the old clubhouse yesterday H.B.?

Feel better, hb. Lots of fluids, by which I mean scotch.

Feel better, hb!

Bourbon, honey and lemon, warmed, taken 3x/day = cured

Get well soon h.b. 103 is nothing to play around with - get thee to the doc!

First thing you do is pull the pitcher, and keep yourself hydrated. Get better!

Nothing clever to add. Just get to feeling better. 103 is borderline dangerous. Be safe - use your deductible and go see a medical professional.

feel better. Try some liquor, and if that doesn't work kiss her instead.

Pedialyte is the best thing for hydration (most NFL teams have it inside their Gatoraide barrels).

snapping your fingers...ohh ohhh oh ohhh....shaking

And now we have that dickbag shoppach back. And no arbitration for tek. Shoppach? WTF? I hate that guy. I hate hating our own players. Its all your fault h.b. - when you lay out sick, shit goes bad. 103? whats a little near death fever compared to having to endure shoppach on the team? Someone must be blamed.

You know, I'll hit .176 for a lot less money than Shoppach got. I'm just saying...

Maybe this will help you feel better:

(Thanks, Deadspin...)

"Dan Shaughnessy's Son Arrested For Assaulting Cops, Being Breathtakingly Drunk At Noon On A Friday

So long Tek-thnx for everything ;(

If Tek doesn't decide to play another year with somebody else, the Sox would be stupid not to add him to their coaching staff. With the ban on beer and fried chicken, they need to do something to keep the pitchers happy.

Oh, and glad you're feeling better, H.B. But do you have to get out of bed now that you can't cook food on your forehead?

Completely agree, Bob. I hope the Shoppach acquisition signals that Tek is moving to a coaching role with the Sox and not leaving. But the way things have gone since late August leaves me pretty sure that Captain Thighs too will exit in a hail of recrimination and ill will.

Considering how our pitching staff represented the Red Sox in Aug/Sept I think I'd like to go out of my way to make them unhappy. Boo hoo you poor lil' fucktahds.

Rum grog with lemon. No, not for your fever! For somehow managing to replace Tek and downgrade the offense in one fell swoop.

The good times at the Fens just keep a-rollin', don't they. W. T. F.

Lowrie and Weiland gone for Melancon. Guess it'll be Scutaro and Iglesias this year.

According to multiple sources, the Red Sox acquired Astros closer Mark Melancon in a trade Wednesday for pitcher Kyle Weiland and Jed Lowrie.

Melancon, 26, a 2006 draft pick of the Yankees out of the University of Arizona, had Tommy John surgery late in 2006 and missed the 2007 season. He made his debut for the Yankees against the Red Sox in 2009. He was traded to the Astros last year as part of the Lance Berkman deal. The right-hander went 8-4 with a 2.78 ERA and 20 saves for the lowly Astros this past season. He had 66 strikeouts in 74 1/3 innings.

...leaving me Melancholy.

Glad to see you on the mend HB.


True story. Today, I saw Edgar Renteria doing road work interval training.

Obviously, I'm not in NE.


Truthfully, lc

I recommend cowbell, H.B.

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