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Poached eggs

So the Theo poaching season continues unfettered — Chicago Cubs Reportedly Hire Boston Scout Matt Dorey.


I wake up everday now expecting to read the headline: "Sausage King Relocates to Wrigley."


Meanwhile the Red Sox are reportedly in the bidding for closah Francisco Cordero.


The best paht of that news for me was learning that Cordero's agent is "Bean Stringfellow" Now is that pure fucking awesomeness or what?


Somebody alert the NOTY's.



Bean Stringfellow? Was Damon Runyon his father?

Somebody needs to alert NOTYs. They've been on a 3 day bender for six months now. Leviticus Payne is pissed.

If all goes well, I'll be driving a 2012 VW Eos around this evening. It's been a long hard battle of getting low-rate financing (I live debt-free currently...and that's evidently a bad thing), making the dealer stop offering me stupid options like ID theft protection (for the car? No, for me...because "ID theft is the number one problem in America today"...not unemployment? Really?), getting insurance at a reasonable rate (FYI, a $1000 fender bender four years ago and a SCOOTER ticket three years ago will DOUBLE your rate over the quote online)...

Is it possible to have buyer's remorse before you even get to drive the thing? Somehow I doubt Lucchino has ever had buyer's remorse. I need to be more like Lucky Larry.

It's the 2012 in your car name that is screwing you Kaz. Living among Boston drivers, you probably shouldn't be driving anything made in this millennial.

I don't think you have to worry about the Sausage King. Chicago already has Abe Froman.

Heard from my dumb-ass Yankee fan brother-in-law today...

"Go fly a kite where the sun doesn't shine"

I can't make this shit up.

I know, COD. I had to splurge just once though.

Let us know how you like the car Kaz. My 02 Nissan Maxima with 198,000 miles isn't going to last much longer so I'm starting to look around.

My '03 Avalon has 265,000 on it. Will easily make it to 300,000. Big Toyota fan here.

My vehicle passed 123,456 today.



Interesting post, I am so glad that I have visited your site. Such a wonderful time reading this.

"Go fly a kite where the sun doesn't shine"


soxinsix, one thing I can tell you now is that if you bought the Maxima because you needed 4 doors and 4 seats, the Eos is not the car for that. It "seats 4" as a technicality. The back seat is more of a place to put all the stuff that won't fit in the trunk when the top is down than a place for one, let alone two, people.

However, if you like hatchbacks, the Golf can be fun (the new Golf R looks awesome...albeit a tad overpriced). I also like Audis (VW luxury cars basically).

Jetta TDI Wagon. Wicked big, wicked fast, ~50 mpg. Get nice rims and it looks sporty, too.

Not quite in the same ballpark, but I'm feeling a tinge of buyer's remorse at buying a bottle of Vintage Reserve Calvados during my lunch break.

That remorse will undoubtedly vanish as I tilt back the snifter in a few hours hence.

New strip tomorrow? Hahhahahah...

I miss NOTY! There are great names on this year's bracket (last year's?) and they slowed, and slowed, and finally stopped the bracket.

@Natalie, computer's been on the fritz for the last 5 days so I missed your female version of Ghengis Cock question. But I'm pretty sure the answer ends in "Kardashian."

I wonder if H.B. is awake after that bottle of Calvados. And if so, is he fully functional.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away ;O

2000 VW Jetta Ti Turbo w/ 252,000...I love that car. I may have to have a service once it...(gulp) gives up the ghost. I have become secretly addicted to turbo. Prior to that had a '87 Honda Civic 5-speed. 270,000, somebody hit me and ended that party.

My 97 Mazda 626 passed by 175,000 miles last week. I'm putting 4 new tires on it tomorrow. My goal is to make it to 228,900 miles, which is roughly the average distance from the earth to moon.

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