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Looking for brighter sides

Well, well, well, so it looks like there's more to Mark Melancon than we initially thought...


"One of the key’s to Melancon’s success has been a cutter he developed to accommodate his 92 mph fastball, sharp curveball and work-in-progress changeup."


Yeah, small sample size and not a statistical slam dunk by any means, but still it does give one hope.


The other bonus, of course, is that the guy is stahting off by saying the right things: "I want the ball in a close game in a pressure situation. I’ve always thrived on that and being in that position... I’m ready if that’s what the Red Sox want me to do. I hope it is."


So here's the deal...


If you go to the pahk this summah, a day game, your nose and cheeks sunburned, and Melancon comes in for the 9th and promptly gets the side 1-2-3 to a great roar from the Fenway crowd, can you then say you've got a case of "Melanconoma"?



A few predictions for 2012:

SDU will vacation in Melanesia.

Kaz will increase his use of the melanoscope.

LC will slip ever deeper into

H.B. will continue to create a melange of creepy characters.

I will go on Ancestry.com and discover I'm a member of the Melanconiaceae family.

That was almost mellifluous Bob.

not to mention munificent

A wee bit melodramatic too

If a woman has breast implant surgery, is that a Melancon?

Malencón. Maricón. Too close for my personal comfort.

You all know it's said "muh-lansen" right? Just checking.

I'm sticking with Melon con.

Kaz, since when do we let facts get in the way here?

Sure. And "chone" is pronounced "shawn".

Rough day. Just lost my Bears tickets and smack connection all in one fell swoop.

Way to go Mike,I hope you didn't hit him with his shoe ;O

//You all know it's said "muh-lansen"//

Nope. Sure didn't. That's what I get for only reading media and never listening to radio/tv in the offseason.

(That's also what I get for posting while trying to produce sufficient cm3 of poop for the lab.)

Question for readers: since this more or less ruins the strip, do I delete it? Or leave it as a poop stain on our oeuvre?

Leave the scorch mark,h.b.

Its still funny, as is the melange of responses. I say leave it.

Barry Bonds (pronounced Bo-EN-dez) got two years probation and 30 days home confinement.

Oh, and leave the strip as-is. Melancon will inform the press it's pronounced Melon Con right after he blows his first save.

leave it - this poop stain is a great way to kick off my weekend. Off to the firm's holiday fest. Have a good weekend all!

Yeah, have a great weekend all.

Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Keep it, Bill and Mike clearly read text over listening to WEEI as well.

Also, HB: Does your doctor have some kind of creepy poop fetish? When I had to have, ah, "lab tests", all I had to do was smear a little printed box on a cardboard envelope.


Well, all I know is I had to fill 3 vials, each containing some mysterious, "poisonous avoid contact!" brightly colored liquid, and then also a 4th plain container.

The are doing a precautionary check for an intestinal parasite due to off the beaten track travels and my penchant for following Zimmerman's "Bizarre Foods" fetish.

I will not be deterred.

"Burnt toast and a rotten egg?" "Yeah,I gotta tapewoim and it's good enough for him" Nyuk,nyuk,nyuk ;O

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