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Days of wine and Valentine...

Your omniscient author in absentia:
This is one of those ad hoc haituses I warned of at the start of the offseason...

Just finished working back to back 12 hours days and tonight is the work Christmas Party, so see you back here on Monday (Tuesday?).



Enjoy your well deserved fiesta/siesta, hb.

I had an awful dream last night. I dreamt that our overpaid, entitled, passionless ballplayers were upset that they have a manager who's actually going to call them out for their sloth and apathy. What a terrible omen. Also, I dreamt that other managers in the AL East aren't going to want to go out for drinks with our manager. The horror!


move on.
nothing to see here.

Fuck You Murray Chass!

So, it's Valentine, huh? Well, as another infamous Italian said along time ago, "the die is cast"...I still don't trust him...too much of the NYC stink on him. Besides those of us in the Baystate still really don't trust those from the Nutmeg state, especially those so close to the Empire State.

hb, glad to see the folks at work respected the December 1st rule as opening day of Christmas, at least in my family.

The only thing I am waiting for is the Valentine/Petey DD commercials...whose has more "Napoleon complex"

Murray Chass looks down upon the idea of being a hardass manager who sets rules for the benefit of the entire team, and expects players to conform, even the superstars. It only pisses off the players and makes other teams try harder against you, he says. Will never work, he says. So, Bill Belichick, is he right?

Certainly the genius that invented the wrap sandwich can bring some of his innovation to the ballclub (and the concession stands).


Hes not Sveum. And if he dont produce a title, he wont be here long (reference 2011). I can live with that. Although I now kind wish Lackey was not TJ'd this season for the guaranteed schedenfreude that would have ensued.

V should totally hire Buckner as first base coach, just to make CHB's head explode.

Maybe he has a job for Pedro too?

Bob,put down that coconut and come home.We need something fun to yak about ;D

If Bobby V can get Beckett to throw two consequtive pitches with runners on base in less time than it takes him to consume a fried chicken, I'll count that as a major step forward.

"Bobby Valentine is wasting no time trying to improve the Red Sox." By talking to David Ortiz...

Oh, come on, Abraham. Ortiz is basically all ready to take arbitration and return next year. Valentine isn't "improving" the Red Sox by talking to Papi...he's "maintaining" the Sox at best. Sheesh. Is it going to be a season of watching the media fawn over Valentine?

Ok, wine cart showed up 30 minutes ago... hopefully yaks will talk about taking over the team by Monday.

(Bob is better at this...)

fyi tim tibow


fuck off


*** Update Monday 12/05 ***

Getting clobbered at work with end of Q4 project deadlines. I'll resume this creepy stuff as soon as I can.

I come back slightly less white and pasty, and this is the welcome I get?

OMG, it's a giant lobster!!!

No wait, that's just Bob with a sunburn...everyone go back to your business.

B's rock, Pats fail to inspire confidence.

How will this go over? http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/baseball/yankees/bobby-valentine-considers-adding-bill-bucker-boston-red-sox-staff-article-1.985704

Yaz. I think BB was using the Colts game as a glorified scrimmage. Slater started the game at safety?! I wouldn't read too much into it. A win is a win.

@Mahty: It will go over quite well. Don't you remember when Buckner threw out the first ball of the 2008 season and got a warm Fenway welcome??? Arguably, he was not really the goat of the 1986 disaster, and, besides, there is redemption in this world. Now Gr*dy L*ttl*?? That's another story!

What about MR24? I see he is trying to get reinstated. A perfect addition to any team's clubhouse this holiday season.

He comes with BBQ grille ;)

For self-immolation.

sdu- just read that Tebow article you posted this morning. All I can day is, "Amen!"


A warped version of "trading places". Tito replaces Bobby V on ESPN BBTN and Sunday Night Baseball.

I caught some of Tito filling in for Tim McCarver during the playoffs on Fox. I was hoping that would be a permanent change.

So I guess that means Dale Sveum will be on BBTN next year?

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