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Christmas Break

Christmas tree A Merry Christmas to All and to All a Calvados Night!

(See you back here 01.03.2012. Thanks for another great year.)



Thank YOU, H.B. Merry Christmas and assorted other holiday greetings to you and yours.

Yes, thank you, hb for this exceptionally fine corner of the interwebs. Merry merry and happy happy to one and all...

Right back atcha, h.b. Let's make 2012 the best last year on Earth evah!

Evidently it's going to be our last year on Earth so let's make it count!

*** John Lackey for President ***

Happy Holidays to everybody that visits this creepy corner of the Internets!

Has anybody got their ticket renewal invoice yet? I got an email last week saying they were sent out, but haven't received anything yet. I suppose I can just login and see what I owe online. Because, you know,Christmas is the best time to find out you have yet another big-ticket expense.

Enjoy your well-deserved break , hb. And Merry Christmas to all!

John Lackey for President, LOL. Can't you see him glowering at Congress when the inevitable impeachment proceedings begin.

Given that the year ends on 12-21-2012, why does ownership hesitate to line up long-term contracts? Thanks for another great year HB. Too bad the year played out like it did.

Thanks for another great year, hb!

TSG's annual Mug Shots of the Year are out. Here's a small taste (and no, this guy isn't from Florida; he's from Massachusetts):


(with apologies to Roger Angell)

Greetings,friends, from far and near
Time to review the Red Sox year.

They shit the bed.

Merry Christmas,

Your pal.


They colapsed

and to all a good apocalyptic kwanzasoltichristmakah - and boxing day.

Lackey's running mate? Derek Lowe - just for the facial expressions.

Merry Christmas, everyone. Get in the mood for the actual day by watching the Eureka and Community Christmas specials. That's what Jesus would do.

Yeah, happy Christmas or whatever everybody. Thanks for the fun.


I'll be attending the 100th anniversary game on April 20th and also the next night. Coming from my home on Maui. Can any of you long-time insiders tell me how best to get a single seat to each of those Sox-MFY games without shelling out $600-$800 bucks apiece to one of the legal scalpers? Tix are not on sale yet and apparently will be raffled when they are. Mahalo!

After this past year, it could be worse, but by the Bill James theory, it is more likely to get better.
To Jim in Maui: Just be around Fenway on 4/20 and pay attention. You never know.

Thank you HB. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Wishing all you surly, but lovable lurkers a Very Merry Christmas and a Creepy New Year.

Thanks again for all your efforts to amuse and enlighten us, h.b. Enjoy your well-earned break.


I didn't thank hb.




Bob, I haven't gotten the mail but got the email too. Same boat as you.

Merry Christmas to all and a big thank you to you, Mr. h.b.!

Marry Christmas and Happy new year everyone.:)

Happy Festivus!


420 throw down
Who.s in

I am talking to you.

mmmm.... Calvados

Mmmm, 4:20.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone.

And h.b., thanks for all you do. I'll raise a glass (or ten) of Eagle Rare to the Soxaholix over the holiday week.

Also, a Happy Hanukkah to all the Kapler fans out there in Soxaholix fan land.

Peace and joy to all of us creeps. Thanks to H.B. for giving us this place and making us laugh all the damn time. And thanks for the Sox collapse getting me out of a ticket last night, as the cop saw my Sox magnet and took pity on me (still a stupid Gestapo midget county mountie jerkweed Yankee fan)

I think on 420 we need to get together.

What happens on Yawkee Street stays there.



I agree, LC.

Have a very Merry Christmas and happy holidays all.

Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday. Or Tuesday as the case may be.

Merry Christmas creeps. It was another fun year around these parts, 'til the Sox effed it up.

Anyone else having fried chicken for Christmas dinner?

I'm back-the spirits have done it all in one night.Of course they can.Merry Christmas all.

sniff, sniff...does anybody else have "the cold" that's going around? It's like something out of a Stephen King novel, a harbinger of an apocalypse that starts with a single cough on a subway car.

No wonder they always say "turn your head and cough". Didn't know S. King was to blame though

...but where did that strange hand come from?? ;O

It is Wednesday. I watched 4 minutes of "Red Sox Hot Stove" last night. Then I threw up in the garbage can.

I'm done.

But wasn't the Hot Stove followed by Cool Music, LC?

Not wastin' my time, lc

A-Fraud takes Kobe's advice. Who's next, O.J.?


The MFY pick up Oakey...say it ain't so


Who needs Oki when you have Andrew "George" Bailey in the pen. Every time he gets a save an angel gets its wings...

I hope Clarence has something better in store than this.

Oki to Yankees
Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.


Fuck !!!!!!!

Being a stupid Australian, I'm not used to walking in the snow.  So on our first day here I fell down and injured myself.  It hurts a lot.  I skied for two days but then took somebody's advice and went to the local clinic for an x-ray on my ribs.  I unwittingly wore my "OK Okajima" t-shirt.   It was the talk of the Hakuba Medical Centre.  Even some real pretty nurses wanted to know where it came from and why I was a fan.  

Anyways, it was my favorite t-shirt and Okajima-San my favorite player on the 2007 world champion team.  Hearing he has come to terms with the Yankees makes me feel ill.  I feels like somebody tore my heart out.   I blame that idiot Francona  for sending him down last May.   Does anyone seriously think a Japanese player would stop trying in September like those fat texanmotherfuckers???

My favorite personal memories.  
(1)  I was at Fenway the day he was voted onto the all star team.  
(2) I saw him get a solid ten minute ovation at the Tokyo dome in the red sox (very) away opener in 2008.  
(3) being accosted by a japanese american in San Diego wanting to buy or trade by OK t-shirt
(4) And of course his 2+ innings of relief in game 2 of the '07 'Series pretty much won that game.

I am having evil thoughts.  I am thinking it would be good (or, at least, just) if Mariano Rivera loaded the bases and got injured in a tied ALCS game 7 at Fenway Park and Oki came in, got booed and then struck out Pedroia, Youk and that Christian fuck from San  Diego.  

"It breaks your heart.  It was designed to break your heart."

 Mrs sdu (always a tower or strength and compassion at these times, a rock hard yin to my marshmallow yang) reckons I should just grow the fuck up.  She says: this is the business we have chosen.  But what do I tell the 8 year old sox fan?

I am moving on.  I have a new favorite t-shirt for instance.  It says: Keep the Dodgers in Brooklyn.  And so they should.

It is snowing and is very beautiful here.  

Hugs to all. I remain sadly, disgruntledly, yours,

sdu (in Hakuba, Japan)

And yeah I realize I am blogging with myself.

well, you make a lot of sense for a caneater, sdu.

xenophobically, lc

Blogging with yourself is perfectly natural, SDU. We all do it occasionally. Just have some tissues nearby.

My favorite memory of Oki was the game against the MFY when they were wearing the green shirts on April 20th, 2007. I was there with my dad and my wife. Cold as Hell. Oki struck out A-Fraud. There was a Japanese speaking fan behind us correcting our pronunciation of his name "Oak-i-gym-ma" not "Oak-a-jemma"


If anyone could make J-Pop (look it up, granpa) cool in a house that Yawkey built, it was Okajima.

Apologies for the comments closing up abruptly. I forgot I had it set to auto close after 1 week to prevent spam on old posts. I've reset it to two weeks.

Hat tip to SDU for alerting me. I've been beastly ill since Xmas eve with the flu. No, I didn't get a flu shot this year. I'm now mostly feeling better but still I'm prob only 60% back and I've got a nasty lingering cough.

So much for Christmas break.

Ok Jan 1. The POS that was 2011 is finally in the rearview mirror. Dad got diagnosed with lung cancer - doing good now but the hook is set. Fuck. Wife shattered her leg in a horse accident - walking with a limp now, kind of sexy in a depraved mind sort of way that is appropriate for this group. Wife then had to have a tumor the size of a softball remved along with left ovary. Doctor did not cause this, but losing her lab work twice and files once over six month period whilst said tumor ew thru puberty to adulthood did not help. Doing well now. Economy continues to eat dicks.

Oh, and the redsox. Did I mention the redsox? Fucking train wreck. I blame this particular problem on the uniforms. Team got cocky, got rid of the red letters on the away smocks and it all comes to fruition in 2011.

One thing about a year like 2011... Makes 2012 look really good. All sunshine, smiles, rainbows (not the gay ones, just pretty rainbows), and optimism.


What Jeff said. Brilliantly hopeful.

HNY, creepy people and otherwise. Whilst I don't have any faith in the RS, that need not be how we measure personal fulfillment. Need it?



Happy New Year to all. January 1st and I am already thinking 'wait until next year'.

Yep, I'm with Jeff allbeit far, far from N.C.

I wish you a year full of achievements in 2012 on all levels!

Just back from 2 + weeks in land of the maya; locals mum on end of days. locals always mum unless drunk. locals pretty drunk last night but still giving nothing away about how/when it all ends. Assuming the worst, this will have to be "it" and we win it all for once and for all. Hitting against Oki's 82 mph fastball should make this project easier.
Or not.
Happy new year, HB; you continue to amuse and inform and make this weary world several watts brighter.

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