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"...an orange cyclops-eye..."

I guess this gets to the core of why some clubs "are throwing around bags of money and the Red Sox and Yankees are flippin' nickels."


Cashman on trades, "It’s just hahd to find a match — and it feels like it’s hahdah now than evah... This isn’t the old seat-of-the-pants, get drunk in the lobby and write names on the napkin."


Really? I was thinking booze had to be involved in retaining the services of 5.54 ERA and a 1.82 WHIP Andrew Miller.


Hey, maybe he's paying the Sox to pitch.


Still a bad deal.


This is gonna be a long wintah.


The austere sun descends above the fen...*



Time to take the gas pipe.

Oh boy. Got a real earful from my PR handlers yesterday. I had forgotten that 2012 was The Year of The LC and that major branding (not to mention sweet merch) will be available for all my fans shortly. That slipped my mind amid all the good news about the Red Sox and imagine my surprise when Linda Moretz, my Chief Brand Consultant gave me the what-for yesterday. Something about the sum total of my comments on this creepy blog in the last few days being, and I quote “Nothing to see here”, “Gahhhh” and “did somebody just fart?”

Some of my best work, if you ask me, which you didn’t, but that’s how I roll with new management.

Anyway, lest the merch table groan come LC Day (somewhere around April 23- focus groups are still hard at work), I’ve got an awesome new contest for each of you. Each day, I will paste random content in the comments section of this creepy blog. You have to guess what words I searched with that led me to that text. Email your answer to [email protected]. In the case of each correct answer, I will personally shape-shift into the body of a well-known commenter on this blog (of your choice- Dave Pinto excluded) and visit you at your house with a collection of marital aids. Sound good? I thought so.
So here’s the first passage. What search term did I use to lead to this content?

A federal judge ruled this week against environmental groups who had sought an injunction to stop pumping and mowing activities at the Sharp Park Golf Course in Pacifica.
The golf course is part of the 417-acre Sharp Park, which is owned by the city of San Francisco and has served as an 18-hole public golf course since it opened in 1932.
Environmental groups including the Wild Equity Institute, the Sierra Club and the National Parks Conservation Association had argued that maintenance activities at the golf course harm the San Francisco garter snake, which is listed as an endangered species, and the California red-legged frog, a threatened species.
The groups said pumping at Horse Stable Pond in the park causes frog egg masses and tadpoles to be stranded and dried, and that grass mowing and the use of motorized golf carts kills the garter snakes.
But U.S. District Judge Susan Illston denied an injunction sought by the groups in a ruling issued Tuesday, pointing out that experts on both sides of the case agree that the frog population in the area has actually increased in the past 20 years, and that there has only been one confirmed case of a snake killed on the course six years ago.
Illston said in the ruling that "the circumstances do not warrant the exceptional act of prohibiting activity that has gone on for decades before the case can be decided on its merits."

Good Luck, kids, and, as always, you’re welcome

"On a log,Expiring Frog"

BTW,whatever lc's having-make mine a double ;)

Maybe they are bringing back Miller so he can get Lackey's name out of the record book for worst season by a Sox starting pitcher. Of course, Lackey will probably reclaim the distinction when he returns in 2013.

LC, I'm gonna go with "frog fans."

Speaking of frogs, you haven't starting licking them again, have you? Or are those toads?

Anyhoo, the winter meetings have been a thrill a minute, no? I heard Ben C. got into a tickle fight with the assistant GM from the Astros.

no public guesses qualify. Just sayin'. them's the rules.



Oh lc,we love your little testes ;D

I don't follow no rules, man. Refrigerate after opening? Not my style. Wash, rinse and repeat? Not in my shower. No masturbation on the Common? The man ain't gonna tell me what to do.

Miller is simply the girl left at the bar at 2. You are in fact drunk and all the other hot tickets went home with the better dressed, better drink buying guys. Or gals for that matter. Bitches want dollars, you got nickels, so you got Andrew. At least you wont get Quagmire arm from trying to do it yerself. Now, lc has me pondering the repeated use of pumping and mowing... Hmmmm.. That is not a public guess by the way, just hmmmmm......

Well, this should be an interesting collaboration:


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